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Matt: We did it, readers. We survived 2018. In the tradition of revitalizing ourselves with a new yearly beginning, Chris and myself would like to offer some “Fresh Start” watches for you this week. Streamable titles with an emphasis on exposing the real you, or pursuing a new path, or finding alternate existential meaning. You know, before December rolls around once again and we’re ready to restate all those resolutions and personal promises of growth with the hope that motivation sticks this time around.

Chris: Happy New Year! Let’s start the new year off on a positive note, shall we? We can all better ourselves! Just kidding, we’re doomed. Much like the folks in the films below! The characters in these films are all hoping for a fresh start, but what they get instead is terror. Sounds like someone I know. That someone is you, dear reader. 


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Matt: If you want to start 2019 off with a fresh start, why not watch 2018’s #1 horror film? Ari Aster’s Hereditary is the perfect place for any genre fan to begin their 2019 journey into cinematic nightmares. Maybe the Academy can score their own fresh start in 2019 by honoring Toni Collette with a much-deserved Best Actress award? What a splendid surprise that would be – the Oscars rightfully honoring horror. Watch Hereditary and you’ll find out what makes Collette’s performance as a grieving mother with a cursed bloodline so inescapably traumatic scene after scream after breakdown. Not to undersell Alex Wolff’s or Milly Shapiro’s work, each with memorable footnotes dotted throughout Aster’s immensely impressive – like, to the point where it’s unbelievable – feature debut.

Chris: There was a curious backlash against Hereditary after all the positive buzz, but I am firmly Team Hereditary. Hail Paimon.

You Might Be The Killer
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Matt: In Brett SimmonsYou Might Be The Killer, Fran Kranz plays a summer camp counselor who discovers his true self – only he might be a slasher villain? In this comedic meta-satire, Kranz’s “Sam” phones his horror-loving bestie “Chuck” (Alyson Hannigan) because he can’t tell if he’s responsible for killing the other counselors or not. Sam comes to covered in blood, in possession of a creepy mask, and has a whole lot of questions that Chuck answers with not always the best news. Bloody, goofily inclined, and what some would describe as Cabin In the Woods Lite. Who knew a movie based on viral tweets could be so enjoyable?

Chris: I have yet to see this, but I love me some Alyson Hannigan, so I’ll be checking it out soon.

When Animals Dream

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Matt: Danish “werewolf” thriller When Animals Dream is about finding one’s self, being comfortable in said skin or fur, and living life sans shackles. As we say – new year, new me! Sonia Suhl plays Marie, a small-town girl who lives with her sick mother and caretaker father. It turns out her family bloodline isn’t exactly “normal,” as strange bodily alterations reveal the beast who resides inside. It’s a metaphor for female maturity, being caged away versus allowed to roam free, and a sincere coming-of-age creature feature with a claws-out third act.

Chris: I loved this movie – it’s reflective, and sad, and also about werewolves. What else do you need?

A Cure For Wellness

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Matt: Sometimes we need to purge our systems of past toxins to move onward in our lives effectively. Enter Gore Verbinski’s A Cure For Wellness which – mark my words – is 2016’s most ambitious studio release. I have no idea how this movie exists, but it does in its slithery, psychologically berating glory. Hollywood, weird and unhinged Dane DeHaan is the *best* Dane DeHaan. His work here versus Jason Isaacs’ asylum madman Volmer is bang-up batty with an emphasis on dumfounded overreactions. A little on the longer side at almost 150 minutes, but it flies by like a good deprivation chamber soak that allows your mind to wander into unimaginably twisted reaches.

Chris: Take the cure, accept the diagnosis. I am in awe of this movie – how did it get made? I have no idea, but I love it. Eels for everyone!

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Matt: It’s 2019 and time to ditch that job you’ve hated for years! Why? Just watch Joe Lynch’s Mayhem. Life’s too short to waste on working late with no overtime compensation or serving CEO’s who reap the most significant rewards of your gruntwork achievements. It’s time for that fresh start, except maybe forgo the whole rage virus outbreak scenario that Steven Yeun’s white-collar employee is forced to fight his way through? Mayhem is a blast from start to finish – Yeun a major reason why, Samara Weaving even more so – packed with enough “Worksploitation” angst and fury to take down the most bloated Wall Street bigwigs. It’s the movie so many of you wanted The Belko Experiment to be (FYI, y’all are too hard on The Belko Experiment).

Chris: So fun and so goofy. Joe Lynch makes highly entertaining trashterpieces, and Steven Yeun deserves to be in all the movies.

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