Kristen Wiig Hosted Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update

With Donald Trump as the president elect, Colin Jost and Michael Che seem to be really in the groove of going back and forth taking hits against political headlines. What’s interesting is that they’re also taking jabs at the mistakes Democrats and liberals made in this election too. It’s not as hard-hitting as their blows to Trump and the right, but they’re there.

However, I would like to point out that Colin Jost or whoever wrote the joke about First Kid clearly doesn’t remember what that Disney movie was actually about. The movie didn’t follow a kid becoming president, but rather the son of the president as he struggled to fit in with his preppy peers and live life like a normal kid. It’s the epitome of a first world problem movie, and it also stars Sinbad.

Pete Davidson on Donald Trump – I’m not sure if Peter Davidson was being genuinely bitter or just playing it up, but he was really dancing the line of this actually being funny because of how angry he genuinely seemed. You couldn’t blame him for being upset, but it didn’t help this particular segment, which already felt tacked on to begin with.

Willie on Thanksgiving – This is by far one of Kenan Thompson’s best characters, and the bright, sunny disposition he brings to some of the worst life experiences is always endlessly charming and hilarious.

The Host

What can you say about Kristen Wiig that we already don’t know from her years spent on SNL? Kristen Wiig was great in this episode, and what made her hosting stint this time more enjoyable than her first time was the drastic decrease in the return of some of her signature characters. The first time out she brought back around five of her trusty characters, but this time she only brought two, and it really wasn’t necessary since they weren’t even among the best sketches of the night. Plus, it was nice for her to bring some of her signature weirdness to the show in her musical monologue above with special guests Steve Martin and Will Forte.


Kristen Wiig and Cecily Strong on Saturday Night Live

Kristen Wiig (Honorable Mention – Cecily Strong) – Kristen Wiig gets the MVP tonight if only because this time she hosted, she actually blended in with the cast rather than standing out like a host normally does. She did exactly what she used to do when she was on the show, and that’s the best thing that can happen when a former cast member returns to the show. However, I’d like to send some love to Cecily Strong who really shares The MVP this week with Kristen Wiig, because not only did she face-off with her perfectly in the QVC sketch, she starred in the best sketch of the night and worked well as an anchor in a couple other sketches too. She’s versatile, and deserves more credit than she usually gets.

The Final Word

While I still wish Saturday Night Live would acknowledge the hand they had in helping make Donald Trump a viable candidate for president, I’m glad to see that they’re taking shots at the left along with the right. The constant barrage of lampooning Trump would get old after awhile, and there’s only so much they can say after their own mistake. But beyond that, SNL has never been a show of just political satire, so I’m glad this episode had plenty of other non-political sketches to go along with it.

We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with another recap after Emma Stone hosts on December 3rd.

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