Kristen Wiig Hosted Saturday Night Live

The Average

Whiskers R We with Kristen Wiig – It’s kind of eerie how close Kristen Wiig’s voice for her character in this sketch mirrors that of Kate McKinnon’s recurring character. It’s a shame there wasn’t more overlap with these two on the show because I bet they could have done some incredible things together. This was a great installment of this sketch, plus, the kittens in these sketches just get me every time.

QVC Auditions – Here’s another sketch that shows how undervalued Cecily Strong can be when Kate McKinnon is at the forefront of SNL. She matches up with Kristen Wiig perfectly, and the conflict between these two characters is so entertaining that I almost want to see it fleshed out in some kind of feature film in the hands of Alexander Payne.

Surprise Lady: Thanksgiving – This is a character I love, and I laughed plenty of times during this sketch, but it’s one of those recurring sketches that hits the same beats every time. Those can work well, and sometimes they’re among the funniest sketches, but on a night when there was so much great original content, this just didn’t measure up to being one of the best.

Donald Trump Prepares – Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump after being absent for last weekend’s episode after the election, and SNL is treating him just like any other elected president by mocking his headline making decisions and behavior. Again, watching them mock Trump can be difficult at times because of how they helped normalize his candidacy when he hosted last season, but they’re certainly not pulling punches anymore, and the cartoonish way they handle his stupid antics has been working.

On a related note, Alec Baldwin has said he won’t be coming back often as Trump, so don’t expect sketches like this too often. But outside of an election season, not every episode has a sketch featuring the president anyway, so that’s not surprising or out of the ordinary.

The Worst

Secret Word – Even though this was the worst sketch of the night, it wasn’t actually terrible. I enjoy Kristen Wiig’s recurring character of Mindy Elise Grayson, but on a night of great sketches, this felt like it was phoned in. Also, while I normally like when Kenan Thompson hosts a game show, it felt weird not having Bill Hader aboard, though he literally phoned in a joke that was a nice touch.

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