John Cena Hosted Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update

With the exception of the Through Donald’s Eyes sketch, Weekend Update was the best part of this entire episode. Even when a couple of the jokes from Michael Che and Colin Jost fell flat, their failure reaction to them brought some big laughs. Che and Jost had that comfortable back and forth that has made this season of Weekend Update much better than before too. But this edition of Weekend Update was made even better by the two great guest appearances.

Angela Merkel on Donald Trump – Kate McKinnon’s Angela Merkel is always a treat, and this case was no different as she addressed the elephant in the world that is Donald Trump. I loved that they turned Trump’s phone call from Taiwan into a prank call from Merkel.

Cathy Anne on Pizzagate – You know, Cathy Anne is a character that I haven’t really enjoyed in her few appearances, but this one worked magnificently. The irony of this kind of character making this kind of social commentary is the perfect comedic premise, and if they can keep Cathy Anne doing stuff like this, then this character just might be worth keeping around.

The Host

John Cena did a great job hosting Saturday Night Live, there’s no denying that. However, his range seems to be pretty limited, at least in the scope of this episode. Most of the time, John Cena was either playing a character who was part a punchline for being handsome or athletic, and that got old fast. When he wasn’t doing that, it didn’t work very well. Cena is charismatic, enthusiastic and energetic, not unlike Dwayne Johnson, but he needs to work on his comedic range a bit. But I’m interested in seeing how his career evolves.


Colin Jost and Michael Che - Saturday Night Live Weekend Update

Michael Che and Colin Jost – With Weekend Update being the best part of the show last night, and these two just doing a better job in general this entire season so far, it’s about time they get the recognition they deserve. Their chemistry has been perfect, their skewering of headlines has been top notch, and their political and social commentary has been a riot. Keep up the good work, guys.

The Final Word

This episode felt mostly phoned in with the exception of Weekend Update and the Through Donald’s Eyes sketch, and that’s a shame since John Cena was on board with everything that was happening. The good news is that John Cena was so good at hosting that he’ll probably be back at some point.

It feels like this busy season of SNL has caught up with the cast and crew and they’re more tired than usual having done so many runs of three episodes in a row for this first half of season 42. With just one episode left before the new year, hopefully they can get their strength back and make the Christmas episode worth watching.

We’ll be back with our final recap of 2016 after Casey Affleck hosts SNL on December 17th.

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