John Cena Hosted Saturday Night Live

The Average

The Karate Teen – We singled this sketch out by itself already, and the production value deserves more praise than the comedy itself. But because of its ties to an iconic movie from the 1980s, it’s one of those sketches that deserves to be seen, if only because John Cena really is great in it.

Dyke & Fats Save Christmas – The original Dyke & Fats sketch played when Louis C.K. hosted a few years ago, and it was a very amusing pre-recorded sketch. This kind of takes the show to a difference place by making a Christmas special that’s far more cartoonish than the show seemed to be in the first iteration of the sketch. That’s par for the course when it comes to certain Christmas specials for shows from the 1970s, but this seemed to lose some of its charm from the first time around and it kind of sputters out in the end.

Science Presentation – Here’s one of the many sketches where John Cena was used as a character who was either athletic or handsome, this time the former. The premise is funny because of how schools have preferential treatment for their star athletes, and the panel of judges bring about some laughs, but the overall joke seemed to have been played out after the first couple minutes and didn’t really go anywhere new after that.

The Lead with Jake Tapper – The idea of Donald Trump putting Walter White (actually played by Bryan Cranston) in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration is a solid premise. But here it feels executed in a very half-hearted and lazy way. There’s even an “I am the one who knocks” joke that I hoped they would be clever enough to avoid. Having Bryan Cranston actually played the part elevated this a bit, but the writing on this one didn’t feel quite as sharp as it could have been.

The Worst

Dating Show – Before this sketch started, there was a joke mentioning that later on MTV there would be new episodes of Teen Mom and Teen Wolf, followed by Teen Wolf Mom. I would have much rather seen a sketch creating that latter show instead of this weak attempt at a game show parody. We get it. John Cena is handsome and has big muscles. Moving on.

Joanne and the Tree – It seems like every episode of SNL goes out of its way to have a sketch with some kind of elaborate set to execute a sketch that you might think would be impossible to have on a live TV show. This sketch filled that requirement by having a fascinating and technically impressive way of making it look like Aidy Bryant was hanging out of the window of a high-rise office. It didn’t always work, but it was rather cool to see how they tried to pull this one off. Sadly, the sketch itself didn’t warrant all the hard work that went into this one.

Where’d Your Money Go – Oh good, another uninspired game show, this one allowing some impressions that probably didn’t really need to be done. SNL has always done game show parodies, but the trick is making them funny despite being repetitive. Neither of the attempts worked this episode and both were just lazy and unfunny. This just happened to be the worst of the night in general.

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