Emma Stone Hosted Saturday Night Live

The Average

The Christmas Candle – Look, there’s nothing wrong with this sketch. It’s actually kind of perfect. But it just wasn’t quite as funny as I hoped it would be. The 1980s style of everything, the funny because it’s true concept, the clever song writing, it’s all there. But I just didn’t fall in love with it the way that I did something like the Emmy-nominated “(Do It On My) Twin Bed” song.

Classroom – Alec Baldwin is back and still great as Donald Trump. Breaking the reality of the sketch in order to address the fact that the Twitter users referenced and lampooned are real people just goes to show you how ridiculous things have gotten with our President elect. The downside to this sketch is the going back and forth between these people and Trump was a little clunky, but the mockery worked well, even if Trump is already a mockery himself. Case in point, Donald Trump responded to a sketch about him tweeting mindlessly and often by tweeting about Saturday Night Live again. It’s just all too easy.

Cleaning Crew – This was a very funny sketch with some clever songs, but Leslie Jones was not the right person to make the third part of this trio. There is part of me that thinks seeing her put on a terrible version of the accents that Emma Stone and Cecily Strong have is funny, but not funny enough to save it from feeling like a misstep.

The Worst

The Hunt for Hil – Even though this looks, sounds and feels just like those stupid Bigfoot shows you see on whatever cable channel needs a timeslot to fill, the production design and style wasn’t enough to make up for the fact that this just wasn’t very funny.

Posters – The concept of this sketch is an interesting one, but this feels more like a high school instructional video turned into a comedy sketch. The jokes don’t land very well until towards the end of the sketch, despite the fact that Emma Stone is perfect in her character as some bubbly model with a hot dog.

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