Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

The Story Is Convoluted and Character Actions Seem Unmotivated

Too much of Batman v Superman‘s story is convoluted, and too many of the actions taken by characters seem to serve the plot but make no sense for the characters themselves.

It is never made clear what Luthor’s motives are other than that he wants Superman gone from this world. His convoluted plan seems to exist only to get Batman to fight Superman and nothing else. And I get it, we need a reason for these two heroes to punch each other. And we also need a way for Batman to have a chance against the Man of Steel. Luther facilitates both of these things, but with logic that would barely pass muster in a comic book.

Lois Lane also makes some choices later in the story that seem to make very little sense at all. It almost seems like the filmmakers needed a certain object and a certain person in a certain location and could not come up with a believable explanation of how to get them there. The actions of the character serve only to lead them to where they are needed for the plot’s purposes, and nothing more.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Justice League Set-Up Seems Crammed Into This Story

As much as this film gets me excited about a Wonder Woman movie, it still feels like the Justice League set-up was crammed into a story which should have just been focused on Batman and Superman. I won’t spoil how the other Justice League members play into this story, but their appearances feel tacked on in the cheesiest way possible. I’m really not sure why they are being introduced in this film and not in a standalone Justice League story. Their appearances feel more like fan service than anything else.

And not only is a Justice League set-up crammed into this Dark Knight Returns-inspired story, but as you can see in the marketing, the movie also incorporates elements from other stories like Doomsday and more. The whole thing just feels overstuffed.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Too Many Religious Allegories

If you thought the Jesus imagery in Man of Steel was too much, you haven’t seen anything yet. Batman v Superman is filled with religious allegories. This might seem like a nitpick but it’s really something that annoyed me while watching the film as it not subtle at all. If you miss a couple of the mentions, don’t worry, they included a dozen more so that you’ll get the point.

I don’t mind religious subtext when it comes to Superman, as it’s obviously a way mankind might relate to the character were he real. The problem with the religious subtext in this story is there is just too much of it. You will be annoyed by mentions of God, gods, angels and demons and the devil himself. I don’t believe Jesus himself is referred to in this movie, which is shocking.

A statue of the Man of Steel is vandalized with the words “False God,” and Lex Luthor relays stories of mythical gods and compares Superman to a devil that comes from the skies. At one point Batman informs Superman that he was “never a God,” and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice wonder woman


I personally liked Man of Steel better, but I’m guessing I will be in the minority on this one. I can see why people might enjoy Batman v Superman more, and as I said before, it improves Man of Steel in some ways.

At the end of the day, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the biggest event films of the year and if you want to be part of the conversation you must see it. The film sets the course for Justice League and the future of the DC movie universe, and if any of that interests you, you should probably buy a ticket. Sure, you might walk away from the film disappointed, like I was, but maybe still entertained by moments of spectacle. And if you see it, I urge you to see it on the largest screen possible (i.e., big-screen IMAX).

But if you’re looking for a great movie, there are much better films to see this weekend on the big screen. You can see Zootopia or 10 Cloverfield Lane or catch up on some of the award winners and nominees still playing in theaters — or you can even see the competition’s Deadpool. All of those will likely leave you more satisfied.

/Film Rating: 6 out of 10

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