Awkwafina Hosted Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update

Michael Che and Colin Jost again got the rag on Brett Kavanaugh in the wake of his confirmation as Supreme Court justice, but it wasn’t quite as vicious or as funny as last weekend. Maybe that’s because we’re all feeling a little dejected and defeated, but even so, the rest of their one-liners landed pretty well, and a couple brought some big laughs.

Eric and Donald Trump Jr. on the Mid-Term Elections – Easily one of the best recurring bits on Saturday Night Live, Mikey Day and Alex Moffat never fail as brothers Eric and Donald Trump Jr. The dimwitted, baby brother parody of Eric Trump makes the duo a treasure trove of comedy, and this edition was no different, especially with his reaction to the exploding fist bump and being handed a puppet. Please, keep this going forever.

Pete Davidson on Kanye West – You know, Pete Davidson was wearing on me over the summer because of all the gossip about his engagement to Ariana Grande. But his self-mockery in Weekend Update during the season premiere brought me back around on him, and after this week, I’m all in again. Pete Davidson calls out Kanye West for his insane messages in support of Donald Trump and his mental instability, proclaiming that having issues like this isn’t an excuse for being an asshole. Pete Davidson would know, since he’s got some real mental problems of his own.

The Host

For her first time hosting Saturday Night Live so early in her career, Awkwafina showed more confidence and comedic skill than some of the most seasoned actors when they come to Studio 8H for the first time. Maybe it’s because she’s had to be that confident in order to get where she is now in an industry that only just recently started giving the spotlight to Asian talents. But either way, we’re happy she got this opportunity and brought representation to SNL. It’s a shame the episode wasn’t a little bit better, but thankfully, it wasn’t because Awkwafina was a bad host, even if she didn’t have much of a range of characters. Hopefully her career continues to thrive and she’ll be able to come back.


Beck Bennett as Mitch McConnell

Beck Bennett – Having played the turtle Mitch McConnell in the cold open, snake Ted Cruz in a pre-recorded political sketch, and a pumpkin-fucking employee in another, Bennett was part of all three of the best sketches of the week, and he was outstanding in all of them. Even if his Ted Cruz impersonation isn’t the best, he still brings the right amount of off-putting, smarmy personality to the stage to make it work.

The Final Word

The writers didn’t seem up to task to give Awkwafina a lot to do, but her confidence and style made her a solid host. The pre-recorded sketches landed more firmly than the live sketches, but it’s nice to have cold opens that do a good job of lampooning headlines from the preceding week. Here’s hoping the cast and crew of SNL brings the thunder when Seth Meyers returns to the show for next weekend’s episode.

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