Netflix to Include Gaming

Despite big gains made by Disney+ and a dozen other new competitors, Netflix is still the biggest streaming fish in the pond and they aim to keep it that way. The plan to continue their dominance? Video games, of course.

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Tron: Legacy and Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski has a new project lined up and it sounds… well, weird and flashy and right up his alley. It’s called Chariot and it’s based on an AWA Comic of the same name.

Warner Bros. nabbed the rights to the project described as a “fusion of True Romance and The Matrix.” Let that description sink in for a second. Now let me spice it up for you even more.

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Hot on the heels of Black Widow pulling in a great post-lockdown global weekend, we have some juicy speculation to indulge in, so buckle up. Said┬áspeculation comes directly from Black Widow director Cate Shortland and actor David Harbour, so it’s a step above fan theory but it’s still not real.

In an interview with The Wrap, the conversation turned towards a standalone Red Guardian movie, and it seems that both Harbour and Shortland are eager for the character’s return.

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Ever since Sam Raimi took on directing duties for Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness there has been one question burning in the minds of fans all over the world: will “The Classic” 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale make an appearance?

Oh, and is Bruce Campbell gonna pop up there somewhere? That, too.

We don’t have an answer to the first question (although it’s a safe bet that his iconic clunker will pop up somewhere in the movie), but we do have a little tease from Campbell that indicates we may very well finally see Bruce in the MCU.

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The Offer Production Announcement

If there’s one thing Hollywood loves to make movies about it’s the making of Hollywood movies. The Academy eats that shit up and, as a cinephile, I can’t say I’m jaded against this trend just yet. Ed Wood, Argo (kind of), Shadow of the Vampire, The Disaster Artist, Singin’ in the Rain… the list of hits goes on and on.

Paramount+ has a new title to add to the pile and it’s called The Offer, a miniseries that follows the behind-the-scenes exploits of producer Albert S. Ruddy as The Godfather was developed and shot.

To celebrate the start of production, Paramount+ released the teaser trailer and it’s pretty fun.

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Misha Green Apple TV+ Deal

Well, that was fast. We found out less than a week ago that HBO was nixing Misha Green‘s second season of Lovecraft Country and now she’s already been scooped up by a competing streaming service. Apple TV+ is giving Green a multi-year deal to develop new content for their streaming service. Read More »

Pet Sematary Prequel Casting

Much like its many victims, it seems like we can expect Pet Sematary to keep coming back. Paramount rebooted Mary Lambert‘s original film in 2019 and now they’re headed back to that particular bit of sour ground beyond the deadfall for another attempt at Stephen King‘s world. This time they’re doing a prequel story which will debut on the Paramount+ streaming service, and the Pet Sematary prequel cast that was recently announced may hint at what the story will entail. Read More »

Something is Killing the Children TV Series

If you saw Doctor Sleep you know that if there’s one thing you can say about Mike Flanagan it’s that that he’s really good at killing children. On film, of course! Call off the lawyers, Mike, I clarified it there at the last second.

But seriously, he butchers poor little Jacob Tremblay (aka America’s younger brother) brutally in that movie, so it’s no surprise at all to me that if Netflix is doing an adaptation of the comic book Something Is Killing the Children and Mike Flanagan is involved with it. Read More »

mccartney 3 2 1 trailer

I’d say it’s a good time to be a Beatles fan, but honestly the only time since the formation of the band it wasn’t a good time to be fan was when they broke up in the spring of 1970.

It might be cliche at this point to cite The Beatles as the best rock band of all time and it’ll also trigger the Contrary Trolls (TM) to come out of the woodwork to insist on a debate, but it’s just true. The Beatles changed music forever and it’s insane how their popularity hasn’t waned much in nearly 60 years.

This year alone we have two long form series dedicated to their music. One is from Peter Jackson, a three-part series called The Beatles: Get Back which will debut this November on Disney+, and then there’s a Hulu series called McCartney 3, 2, 1 which has Paul McCartney himself sitting down and going through his hits with producer Rick Ruben. The trailer for the latter was just released and shows McCartney and Ruben focusing on his Beatles work.

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once upon a time in hollywood cut scene

Quentin Tarantino‘s been making the rounds promoting his novelization of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and during one of his recent interviews he revealed that his favorite scene in the script was cut out of the final product.

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