The Suicide Squad - James Gunn

The Suicide Squad isn’t quite the movie that you’re expecting. Oh, sure, James Gunn’s latest superhero blockbuster is as funny, violent, cynical, and chaotic as its red-band trailer indicates. But it’s not just a bloody good time. Amid all of the mayhem, there are moments of genuine emotion. Many of the action scenes are harrowing, not comedic. Gunn plays the biggest character beats completely straight, infusing The Suicide Squad with both tragedy and heart.

“This movie really was about just making the biggest, most entertaining film I possibly could,” Gunn said during a post-screening Q&A, just before admitting he was “trying to take risks with a spectacle film.” The result is unique among big-budget superhero movies. Structurally, The Suicide Squad zigs when you think it’s going to zag. Thematically, it doesn’t shy away from hard questions. Its scope is both massive and intensely personal, and while its characters are funny, they’re never treated like jokes.

It’s an interesting film, and one worth talking about. Thankfully, when it comes to The Suicide Squad, Gunn has no shortage of things to say.

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don't breathe 2 first look

Rodo Sayagues may be stepping into the director’s chair for the first time with Don’t Breathe 2, but there’s no doubt that the film is a team effort. During an event revealing the horror-thriller’s new trailer, Sayagues shared the stage with his co-writer (and the director of the first movie), Fede Álvarez, and their affection for one another couldn’t be more clear.

Not that that’s much of a surprise: the duo have been writing partners since the early 2000s. Since then, they seem to have grown even closer. As such, it’s hardly surprising that they’re largely on the same page when it comes to Don’t Breathe 2, which premieres on August 13, 2021.

In addition to sharing some new footage from the movie, Sayagues and Álvarez discussed the movie, offering some hints as to what the sequel has in store. Here’s what they had to say.

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don't breathe 2 trailer

Give or take one turkey baster, Fede Álvarez‘s 2016 thriller, Don’t Breathe, is a lot of fun. By moving the emphasis from the victim to the perpetrators, Álvarez and his co-writer, Rodo Sayagues, breathed new life into the home-invasion thriller. They also created one of the most memorable cinematic villains of the past decade: Stephen Lang‘s Norman Nordstrom, a blind veteran who’s more than a match for the teenage thieves ransacking his house.

From the looks of things, Don’t Breathe 2, which premieres in theaters on August 13, 2021, is going to flip the script again. For the sequel, Sayagues is in the director’s chair, making his feature film debut. Instead of the bad guy, Norman is the protagonist — and, this time, he’s not fighting off amateurs, but trained professionals.

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