Angie’s Most Anticipated Films of 2015


10. Tomorrowland

Brad Bird ventures into the unknown with Tomorrowland, an original sci-fi adventure that actually looks like an original sci-fi adventure rather than a knockoff of a hundred other films. Yet there also seems to be a timeless quality to it, right down to the gritty, almost steampunk-y setting I saw in the NYCC footage. It’s a big film about big dreamers, made by a big dreamer himself.

Martin Scorsese directing Boardwalk Empire

9. Silence

Martin Scorsese is a director I’ll follow basically anywhere. Even when I don’t love the movie he’s made (e.g., The Wolf of Wall Street), I’m always glad to have seen it. Which is amazing, really — it’s hard to think of many artists who’ve been as consistently good for as long as he has. Silence also features a pretty unusual-sounding story, following two Jesuit missionaries (Andrew Garfield and Liam Neeson) in 17th century Japan.

Trainwreck Schumer Apatow Hader

8. Trainwreck

Judd Apatow is a director who needs to get away from shaggy self-indulgence and regain bright snap of his early work. Amy Schumer is a fresh, funny talent who deserves to be a much bigger star than she is. Their raunchy sensibilities seem like a match made in heaven, and they have the potential to up each other’s game. Plus, the Trainwreck supporting cast is to die for — it includes Marisa Tomei, Brie Larson, Daniel Radcliffe, Ezra Miller, and the alien queen herself, Tilda Swinton.

Inside Out
7. Inside Out

Lately, even the most ardent Pixar defenders have had to admit the studio seems to have lost a step. It’s going to the sequel well an awful lot these days, and its last original effort Brave ranked nowhere near Pixar’s finest. I’m pinning my hopes on Inside Out to prove that the studio’s still got it. The premise — it goes inside the mind of a young girl — is one of Pixar’s most inventive yet. In Pete Docter’s very capable hands, it could very well turn out to be magic.

Guillermo del Toro Crimson Peak Comic Con

6. Crimson Peak

Forget Fifty Shades of Grey. Guillermo del Toro‘s haunted house tale Crimson Peak looks like the twisted romance of my dreams. The footage shown at Comic-Con had a creepy-sexy vibe underscored by the Eyes Wide Shut tune used as a temporary soundtrack. Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, and Charlie Hunnam make for an undeniably attractive cast, but the gorgeous Gothic home looks like the real star of the show.

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