Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 44

It’s not clear who this mysterious, cloaked figure is standing in the middle of the wheat field is supposed to be. It could be a member of the Covenant crew. Or, if you’ll allow some irresponsible spitballing inspired by nothing beyond my own penchant for jumping to conclusions, it could be our first look at Elizabeth Shaw, who has perhaps gone full Obi-Wan during her time on this planet.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 45

First, note the massive domed building in the distance. That could very easily be the Engineer Temple with the hall of heads, an imposing set I wrote about over here. Second, note the sprawl of corpses, all of them looking very much like the charred, preserved bodies we saw earlier. This could be the epicenter of whatever awful event happened here. Third, note the figure is walking through the field of bodies and note the cloak is swirling around their body. Is this the hooded figure we saw in the image above? Is this Elizabeth Shaw?

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 46

During the set visit, we learned that Danny McBride wears two spacesuits during the course of Alien: Covenant: a large, bulky suit nicknamed “Big Yellow” and a smaller, streamlined suit that allows for extra mobility. This one appears to be the latter.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 48

Here’s our first glimpse at the fully grown Neomorph. We’ll get a better look later. At the very least, we know that this early incarnation is still very much a fan of the “go somewhere high and dark and wait for the right moment” school of killing people.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 47

We already saw one facehugger launching itself at Oram, but here’s another flying in the face of Covenant soldier. How many potential aliens are we dealing with here?

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 49

Look, going through a trailer frame-by-frame sometimes means coming across massive spoilers. For example, here is Billy Crudup’s Oram falling victim to a facehugger.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 50

And here are more Crudup-related spoilers: an alien bursts out of Oram’s chest at some point, making him the first main cast member that we know for certain doesn’t live to see the end credits.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 51

Daniels: still looking very, very much like Sigourney Weaver.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 52

Okay, this is classic Alien: a creature that is almost impossible to describe runs down a corridor at speeds you cannot comprehend…

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 53

…and leaps right into a close-up. It’s a shame that the few moments that really show off the new alien in this trailer appear to be CGI and not the practical puppets built for other scenes.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 54

The trailer ends with a stunt teased on the set visit. To simulate Daniels’ struggle to hold onto this ship as it takes off, a 27-ton platform was built on a giant gimbal, allowing Scott and his crew to actually film live actors getting battered around on an actual set.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 55

CGI was used to help fill in the details, of course.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 56

And now we know why everything is so chaotic – the alien is catching a ride…

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 57

…and it’s not going to let Tennessee take off without a fight.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 58

Here’s our best look yet at what really distinguishes the Neomorph from the original Xenomorph. While the basic size and shape are the same, this version is more naturalistic than biomechanical, with musculature that looks more mammalian than previous versions. The almost machine-like quality of the original design is almost there, but this alien seems to share more DNA (perhaps literally!) with human anatomy.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 59

If you’re the special effects master tasked with rendering CGI alien drool, please reach out. I’d love to chat with you.


Alien: Covenant opens on May 19, 2017.

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