40. Officer “Needlenose” Norton (Bride Of Chucky)

From the minute you meet Needlenose, his death can’t come soon enough. Luckily, it doesn’t take very long for Chucky to stuff a shirt into his cop cruiser’s gas tank that he lights on fire. Tiff and Chucky even give a wave right before Officer Norton explodes all over a crowded parking lot.

39. Martha Stewart (Seed Of Chucky)

This isn’t lower because Don Mancini killed Martha freakin’ Stewart by sentencing her to lethal injection, but isn’t higher because nothing is shown. Just the weirdest cameo tidbit through news footage.

38. Joan (Seed Of Chucky)

Assistant Joan rushes to the aid of Jennifer Tilly one night but ends up being a victim of Glenda (Glen’s alter ego). He/She lights Joan on fire and sends her toppling over an elevated railing for a burnt, bone-breaking fall. Hope she was getting overtime.

37. Elliot Mattson (Child’s Play 2)

Before Greg Germann found fame through Ally McBeal, he was first taken hostage and forced to become Chucky’s driver because of the gun stuck in his face. Little did Mattson know the weapon was just a squirt toy, but his hands had already been tied by a jump-rope by that time. Chuck disappears off-camera – maybe he found a soft side? Nah. A Good Guys plastic bag is pulled over Germann’s head and it’s all over.

36. Margaret Lorraine “Maggie” Peterson (Child’s Play)

Chucky’s first victim, whose death we see through Chuck-O-Vision as Margaret falls from an apartment window onto a covered pickup truck below. But can we address how? Chucky strikes her with a Good Guys hammer forcibly enough to send her flying backwards, over a kitchen table – then PAST the table – and smashing through an unopened glass window? How strong is Chucky?!

35. Malcolm (Cult Of Chucky)

Mr. Wannabe Chucky gets the drill used on Nurse Ashley straight through his eye – from behind. We see the face-forward view of what has to be the longest drill bit known to man shooting through Malcolm’s frontside.

34. Madeline (Cult Of Chucky)

Madeline suffers from delusions that Chucky is actually her baby. Breastfeeding, the whole nine yards – but then Chucky finds himself buried alive. He confronts Madeline and shoves his entire arm down the poor woman’s throat, ripping something out. Her voice box? Something reddish? In any case, Madeline is found with a deadly mouthful of Chucky’s detached arm.

33. Christopher Sullivan (Child’s Play 3)

Greedy Mr. Sullivan is celebrating his decision to put Good Guys back on the market with a glass of liquor and his office golf game. Too bad his idea also resurrects Chucky, who starts by tripping him with marbles. A toy car whizzes past his head while a remote helicopter crashes. Then as “Paulie” and “Larry” banter (new Good Guys), Chucky smacks Sullivan in the dome with his golf club. A dart hits his spine, paralyzing him, and another hits his hand (no more phone). It ends with strangulation by yo-yo. CHUCKY’S BACK FOR A THIRD TIME, JACK.

32. Britney Spears (Seed Of Chucky)

I mean, she had it coming? Don’t drive like a maniac in your convertible – license plate BRITNEY1 – when the car in front of you is a Hummer driven by Chucky. He tells Glen to press the gas and they run Britney off the road. Kaboom! “Oops, I did it again.” Touché, Seed Of Chucky.

31. Jennifer Tilly (Seed Of Chucky)

Tiff is obsessed with Jennifer Tilly, so she – in her doll form – performs Chucky’s voodoo body-swap curse on the hospitalized star. It works, but right as Chucky puts an axe though Tiff’s head. This means Tiff is fine in Jennifer’s body, but unfortunately Ms. Tilly won’t be attending any more auditions.

30. Barb Pierce (Curse Of Chucky)

Barb’s price for exposing Chucky’s stitched scars is being stabbed in the eye. Nica makes her way to the attic stairs, then Chucky rolls down the now-detached peeper. Barb’s body follows shortly after, her head now with a gaping empty socket.

29. David Plummens (Bride Of Chucky)

At first, David is convinced Jesse and Jade are serial killers. Then Chucky and Tiff start talking to him. The shock is too much and he backs into highway traffic where a passing 18-wheeler eviscerates his squishy form. No remains.

28. Carlos (Cult Of Chucky)

Carlos avoids death for so long until opening the wrong door. He’s drilled, cut up with a scalpel and sliced open with broken glass. Guts and gunk come pouring out of his stomach wound. This kill is magical if you’ve seen Cult Of Chucky because, well…triple team.

27. Redman (Seed Of Chucky)

Tiff has enough of Redman mistreating Jennifer Tilly, so she pops under the glass dinner table – allowing Redman to witness his own death – then slices his abdomen open, spilling some steamy intestines. Anyone else hungry?

26. Sergeant Botnick (Child’s Play 3)

Question not why a military academy hair stylist is cutting a toy’s locks. Who cares? It lets Chucky slice a guy’s throat open before a buzz can be administered. Botnick writhes around and falls back into his own chair right as Harold comes downstairs, after which Chucky gives a “Boo!” Cut to Harold fleeing.

25. Father Frank (Curse Of Chucky)

Father Frank unfortunately loses Chucky’s game of rat poison roulette during dinner. He excuses himself, but crashes while trying to drive home. Officer Stanton peels away mangled car wreckage from the padre’s neck to help, but Father Frank’s head detaches backwards, falling next to his severed hand in the back seat (still clutching rosary beads).

24. Howard Fitzwater/Damien Blaylock (Bride of Chucky)

Alexis Arquette as a goth, death-obsessed poser who’s suffocated by Frankenstein Chucky? Yup! “Damien Blaylock” hand/footcuffed to Tiff’s bed. Chucky plopped on his stomach. Tiff prodding her knee-high boyfriend with insults and seductive dancing. Chucky’s head turns Exorcist style and he rips Blaylock’s lip ring out and smothers him with a pillow. Blaylock squirming, struggling for life while Tiff and Chucky have a heart to heart. So sweet!

23. Phil Simpson (Child’s Play 3)

Andy is hunting Chucky in the Simpson basement with an electric meat carver, but the possible weapon is a clever misdirection. Phil is instead killed while carefully walking down wooden stairs, when Chucky catches his leg with a steel harpoon-fishhook-thingy. Phil, face-to-face (while upside down) with Chucky. A snide “How’s it hangin’ Phil?” Andy’s foster father is released and he breaks his neck upon floor impact.

22. Officer Robert Bailey (Bride Of Chucky)

Credit Officer Bailey with kickstarting Mancini’s comical Child’s Play movement. It’s he who first steals Chucky’s remains from a police evidence locker. It’s also he who first gets his throat sliced by Tiffany (Jennifer Tully’s first kill!) via a metal nail file. Bailey dangling out the driver’s side door, Tiff tasting the blood slathered on her pseudo-blade.

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