A Guide to Cinema’s 10 Greatest Spooky Romances

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When people are looking for movies to watch during the Halloween season, their eyes are often turned to the Horror genre. But what about the other emotional aspects of what many (including yours truly) considers “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”? And more importantly, what about…love?

That’s right, All Hallow’s Eve can be quite the time for some romance to be in the air! From doomed couples to those who found love because of their quirks and oddities, this holiday of monsters and ghouls can be a great time to explore some of cinema’s greatest (and spookiest) romances.


Morticia and Gomez Addams, The Addams Family

It’s hard to discuss Halloween without mentioning these two haunting lovebirds. Though the Addams Family series is certainly one more for laughs than for the traditional creepy creeps of the season, it’s always nice to see a couple that really accepts each other for who they are, frights and all. From the lovely tango dances that happen every few hours to the auctions that take their breath away to the nightly strolls through the graveyard – Morticia and Gomez make anything look romantic and glamourous.

For the few that don’t know of the existence of the Addams Familythe film adaptations are based on a famous cartoon series by Charles Addams and the ’60’s TV series of the same name, following the shenanigans of a family that finds the beauty in the creepy and spooky aspects of life. Though the cinematic version is focused on finding Gomez’s long lost brother Fester, what viewers look forward to seeing the most is the magical on-screen spark between Anjelica Houston and the late Raul Julia as the leaders of the clan.

Obviously, there’s a reason that many a meme and social media post is made in honor of the relationship goals these two unique individuals have set for fictional (and real life) couples alike – because they embrace every bit of their weirdness and are proud of their love. And aren’t we all looking for that, regardless of the time of year? 


Wallace and Jennifer, I Married A Witch

Have you ever felt like you’re just cursed in the ways of love? That no matter who you meet or what you try to do, it never works out? Well, Wallace Wooley (Fredric March) might just be the champion for all of us who have been unlucky in love – except he has an actual excuse for the matter! You see, many years ago, Wallace’s multi-great grandfather was cursed by a family of witches to never find true love, and neither would his male heirs. But when thunder strikes and breaks the tree that the witch family’s souls were tied to (including Veronica Lake’s Jennifer), the true insanity begins.

From love potions gone wrong, to the hilarious yet all too real political humor, I Married a Witch has a story and a couple that hits all the right spots. Neither Wallace or Jennifer are perfect individuals, and even though at times they can be insufferable to watch when we’re first introduced to their odd ways, you end up rooting for them to win against the odds of magic and real world struggles alike. When you learn that Lake and March didn’t get along on set at all, their infectious chemistry becomes all the more amazing.


Jennie and Eben, Portrait of Jennie (1948)

Everyone loves a good ghost story, especially one that is made with such care and compassion as the underrated classic Portrait of Jennie. Starring Jennifer Jones and Joseph Cotton, this is a film that was clearly decades ahead of its time. Take a bit of time travel, art, and lots of sentimentality, and you got this David O. Selznick production that still looks as beautiful as ever.

The story tells of a painter that encounters a young girl in Central Park, who becomes the subject of his art. Through their various meetings, even through a short span of time, Jennie appears to become slightly more mature. Eventually, the artist falls so madly in love with the girl and wants to marry her, but she continues to tell him “Wait till I am older.” With her sudden change in age, plus the haunting look in her face whenever the sea is shown to her or brought to her attention, something isn’t right.

But what is right here is the romance. Truly, if there ever was a movie to stand as a perfect 101 on how to create mysteriously haunting romantic tales, this one will always nail it. Jones and Cotten portray this couple in such unique way. Because of the changing age gap between the two, their dynamic and chemistry always seems to shift. Their passions intensify, as does the conflict between them. It’s a journey that still rings true, no matter when you view this spooky tale.

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