Netflix's New "Latest" Tab Will Help You See What's New And Coming Soon

Netflix is not very good at alerting subscribers to new titles. More often than not, an exciting new movie or series from the streaming giant will be buried – tucked away beneath an endless list of junk. But things are about to change – in theory, at least. The Netflix "Latest" tab is designed to let users know what's new, what's coming in the week ahead, and what's arriving the week after that. Best of all, there's now a "remind me" option that will alert you when something new drops.

Netflix is rolling out its "Latest" tab to better inform subscribers of what's to come. The fact that it took Netflix this long to get around to creating something like this is slightly embarrassing, but hey – better late than never. Now, users will be able to see what's new, what's coming this week, and what's coming next week. The "remind me" option is a nice touch, too. My only complaint: add another section informing users when a title is expiring. Netflix used to have this option – I remember it clearly – but phased it out. Bring it back, I say.

According to Variety, titles in "Latest" will be "updated multiple times a day, and personalized for each and every member." They also add: "The feature is limited to TV devices for now, but Netflix does have a 'coming soon' section on Android phones, and is testing a similar feature on iOS right now." Netflix launched the "Latest" tab on smart TVs, streaming devices and game consoles yesterday, which means it should probably be visible on your account by now. If not, I suppose you'll have to delete your Netflix account, throw your TV out the window, and go live in the woods. Or maybe just wait a little longer. Whichever is easier.

All in all, this is a good move. I cover streaming titles for /Film, and while I use a variety of websites to keep up-to-date on what's coming and going, I often hear from other people that they were completely unaware a certain title was available. A recent example was GLOW season 3, which is now streaming on Netflix, even though I've been told by multiple Netflix users they weren't aware of this at all. Hopefully, this move will prevent situations like that from repeating in the future.