35) Rajit Ratha (The Amazing Spider-Man)

Irrfan Khan plays an indirect villain to Peter, because it’s his decision that sends Ifans’ Curt Conners spiraling wildly out of control. There’s also an insinuation that Rajit played some part in the death of Peter’s parents? Either way, Rajit’s hastiness results in an enraged Conners – and you know how that ends.

34) Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Maybe you know him better as “The Man In The Shadows,” since he’s always lurking in…well…the shadows. First when Conners is incarcerated, then again when Harry is imprisoned. He’s an obvious ringleader who possesses access to Oscorp’s Special Projects division – which might have paid off in The Amazing Spider-Man 3?

33) Norman Osborn (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Chris Cooper plays a hard-nosed scientist who sentenced Harry to a life of resentment. He also double-crossed Richard Parker. Unfortunately he’s bedridden for 90% of his appearance, minus some labcoat “flashbacks” to healthier days. Then he dies. It’s a wastefully depleted role.

32) Venom Symbiote (Spider-Man 3)

Raimi’s blobby sludge strikes Earth in comet-form, then hitches a ride on Peter’s rinky moped. Drawn to negativity, this goop bonds like a wrapping. First as a black Spider-Man suit, then as Eddie Brock’s Venom form. You know the damage this causes.

31) Wrestling Promoter (Spider-Man)

When Peter beats Bone Saw, his prize is supposed to be $3,000 (a hopeful car payment). He’s handed $100. “It said three grand for three minutes. You pinned him in two.” Peter leaves furious, and allows a robber who steals the rest of what would have been his winnings to go free. “I missed the part where that’s my problem,” Peter tells the disgruntled promoter. Never have words been more regrettable.

30) Donald Menken (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

When Harry assumes Norman’s role at Oscorp, Colm Feore’s treacherous board member is having none of it. Blackmail, spy equipment, cover-ups. “You will die a horrible death like your father,” he says after successfully pinning Max Dillon’s death on Harry. And then he’s the reason Harry gains access to Oscorp’s untested Spider Venom, thus creating Webb’s Goblin? Way to go, guy.

29) Photo-Opp Armored Car (Spider-Man)

Familiar Raimi cronie bashing, but it’s a fun little scenario. Peter needs better pictures of Spidey to appease Mr. Jameson, so he rigs a camera to capture his heroics. Some flips, fighting and web-shooting ensue. It’s all a cakewalk, but ends with a nice little victory pose.

28) Dr. Ashley Kafka (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Need a European mad scientist? Enter Marton Csokas, who plays Electro’s babysitter. His blown-out hairdo and rubber attire suggest precautionary reserve, but Kafkah recklessly angers Electro throughout his studies. It’s not a pretty sight when Harry releases Electro. Especially not for Dr. Kafka.

27) Uncle Ben’s Killer (The Amazing Spider-Man)

In Webb’s origin, Peter is denied milk by a bodega cashier because he’s a few cents short. In comes an incognito vagrant who steals some register cash and tosses Peter the milk. What a cool guy, right? Then he shoots Uncle Ben and leaves him for dead. Not so cool after all.

26) Car Chase Criminals On Way To Play (Spider-Man 2)

Peter’s supposed to see MJ perform in The Importance Of Being Earnest one night, but gets distracted by carjackers while en route. They take out his minibike and blast a few shotgun rounds. How can Peter turn a blind eye? The criminals are yanked upwards, even though their incarceration means Peter misses MJ’s play. Whoops.

25) Max Dillon/Electro (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

In Raimi’s Spider-Man universe, villains are typically given redemption or a demise at their own hand. In Webb’s Spider-Man, a murderous “hero” makes unfortunate loners explode in clouds of electric matter.

Jamie Foxx plays a fully-charged villain, but it’s Webb’s treatment that rubs me like a bad static shock. Minimal effort establishes Max Dillon as an invisible cog – just some “weirdo” engineer with a Spider-Man obsession and an awful birthday surprise. Sad-sack level: Critical. But that’s not enough! Then you have Harry manipulate Max’s desire for friendship, and turn him into a wire-hopping villain just because he wants to feel needed. How does that end? With death. Empty and mistreated his entire life, disallowed a single parting word or any form of redemption. No empathy, no duality, no nothing. Weirdos gonna weird. Maybe Webb’s biggest blunder?

24) Fred (The Amazing Spider-Man)

Peter finds Fred the rat – now part lizard – CANNIBALISING HIS CAGE NEIGHBOR. And what does Peter do? Nothing. Peter leaves a genetically enhanced superrat for some janitor or scientist to find later. NOT MY PROBLEM.

23) Rainy MJ Harassers (Spider-Man)

Right before Spider-Man’s famed upsidedown kiss, Mary Jane is cornered by some unsavory assailants. Peter swoops in (fully costumed) and beats the snot out of them because no one messes with MJ. These scumbags put up a fight, and there’s a hilarious shot of two brutes flying past MJ into separate windows. Bing, bang, boom, but with a little more struggle. Spidey needs a challenge!

22) Parker Parents Hitman (The Amazing Spider-Man)

In the beginning of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Richard and Mary Parker (Campbell Scott and Embeth Davidtz) are fleeing danger via private jet. Turns out their pilot is an assassin. Richard fights back and ends up kicking the trained killer to his death (?), but there’s no saving either Parker parent (just Richard’s research).

21) Uncle Ben (The Amazing Spider-Man)

Only Webb’s version makes this list, and no, he’s not really a villain, but Martin Sheen yells a lot. Rightfully so – Peter keeps neglecting family duties. We all know Uncle Ben’s influence is only for the best and out of love. Responsibility and all that. Doesn’t mean he didn’t overstep some messy Parker backstory lines in the process.

20) Eddie Brock/Venom (Spider-Man 3)

Topher Grace the Spider-Man villain? Still doesn’t add-up on paper, but it happened. Blonde frosted tips and all. Eddie Brock is a kiss-ass photographer until Emo Peter outs his fake cover shot. Humiliated, Eddie enters a church to ask God for revenge – but instead finds Venom. The egomaniac goes from gangly slickster to beefy boogeyman, and uses MJ to draw Spider-Man into a fight. It fails, and Brock ends up killing himself along with the Symbiote because he’s so addicted to power. Sorry Toph.

19) Subway Car Fighters (The Amazing Spider-Man)

Marc Webb gives his Andrew-Man zero prep time for combat. Some drunkish sports fans balance a bottle on Peter’s head whilst sleeping in a subway car. Peter wakes with full alertness and provokes a scuffle. Thug #1 gets embarrassed. Thug #2 gets a face full of handrail bar. A thug’s girlfriend gets her shirt torn off – you never mess with a sleeping New Yorker.

18) Parkour Ass-Kick Crew (The Amazing Spider-Man)

After Uncle Ben’s death, Andrew-Man is broken. He hunts every thug who matches a mockup police sketch. Scraggly, dirty-blond hair. A longer face. But none have that damn star tattoo. Most of these criminals are just tossed aside, but one crew gives Peter a run for their money when they parkour in close pursuit. This is Webb’s world, which dashes action with a little more style.

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