The Home Alone Twitter Project

Are you a fan of the movie Home Alone? /Film reader Tom H sent along word that you can now follow the McCallister family as they fly off to Paris and discover they left their son Kevin at home, alone.

The Home Alone Twitter project follows the characters in real time in an alternative dimension where all of the characters have access to Twitter accounts in the 21st century. People who are interested can follow 22 different characters or just watch the the twitter-list to see how they interact, chat to each other and tweet their thoughts and feelings. You might also want to check out some of the individual twitter accounts, which are all pretty elaborately set-up. For example, check out the page for Buzz McCallister.Kevin McCallister just sent out a twitpic showing a photo of van in the driveway of his neighbors house, but he "thought the Murphys went to Florida??" Meanwhile, you can watch burglars Harry and Marv tweet to each other from the van as they scope out the McCallister home.