Do You Care About A Fantastic Four Reboot?

IESB has learned that 20th Century Fox is developing a Fantastic Four reboot, but does anyone care? The studio has released two films previously, both of which made around $300 million worldwide and are considered commercial successes (but not compared to such franchises as Batman, Iron Man, and Spider-Man). Marvel has changed the game, and the way studios are looking at superhero properties. Fox now wants to reboot the series in a tone described as "less bubble gum" and more in the vein of Marvel's Iron Man than Nolan's The Dark Knight.

But as I asked before, does anyone really care? Any interest I had in the comic book property was ruined by Fox's previous efforts, and I assume that anyone who wasn't a fan of the previous two films (i.e. anyone over the age of 12) won't be on board for a potential reboot. I doubt that Fox would be able to lure any "visionary" filmmakers to the project, especially since they have developed a reputation of not being artist-friendly. I'd much rather see a sequel to The Incredibles, which we all know will eventually happen.