Leonardo DiCaprio To Star In Christopher Nolan's Inception

Leonardo DiCaprio is in final negotiations to star in Christopher Nolan's Inception. As of right now, we know almost nothing about this film, other than that it is a contemporary sci-fi action movie set in "the architecture of the mind", whatever that means. The plan is to begin shooting this Summer, with a July 16th 2010 release date.

It's hard to really comment on this story since we know next to nothing. One thing is for sure, DiCaprio is a three-time Academy Award nominated actor, and very capable of turning out a good performance. Anyone have any idea what Inception is about? E-Mail me. Last week, it was rumored that both DiCaprio and Ellen Page had been cast in the film (although, I can't find the original source of this rumor), so might Page be next?

source: Variety