The 25 Best Movie Posters of 2016

In a Valley of Violence Poster

19. In A Valley of Violence

Opting to look more like a vintage movie poster, almost in the vein of the title designs of Saul Bass, this could easily have been a teaser poster for The Hateful Eight or any number of stylized westerns. Between the stains and the folds, not to mention that “A man can only take so much!” exclamation, it has a classic feel without looking artificial.

Sing Street Poster

18. Sing Street

The design of this poster didn’t take all that much effort since it’s inspired by one of the most common posters used to promote bands. But it’s more┬áthe thought of using this style to promote the indie about a little Irish teenage rock band, as if the title band were putting on a concert just down the street at the local pub.

24x36 Poster

17. 24×36

It would be disappointing if a movie about movie posters didn’t have a cool movie poster, and thankfully this poster for 24×36 (which was hopefully 27×40 when released) doesn’t disappoint. It uses varied imagery inspired by various iconic films and their posters to fill in the giant letters of the title. But for me the best touch is the marquee light bulbs surrounding it, including the ones that are broken or just burnt out.

Deadpool Romance Poster

16. Deadpool

The entire marketing campaign for Deadpool was a triumph from front to back, but this was easily the best poster of them all. The poster itself is a gag as it tries to sell the raunchy, bloody, R-rated comic book flick as a romance that could have been written by Nicholas Sparks. It never got a proper one sheet, but this banner size image worked just as well.

Rogue One Poster

15. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

It was refreshing to see that the teaser poster for this Star Wars spin-off didn’t need any faces to tease the movie. Instead, we got a glimpse of the hard-hitting ground battle between Rebels and Stormtroopers on Scarif as the Death Star loomed in the background. The tropical setting delivered imagery that we hadn’t yet seen in a Star Wars movie, and it really makes it pop.

Ghostbsuters Poster

14. Ghostbusters

This poster is infinitely better than any of the usual Photoshopped collections of floating bodies and bright proton streams and ghosts. It’s still clearly Photoshopped, but this international Ghostbusters poster feels like the kindred spirit of the original Ghostbusters poster from 1984. Instead of showing us the faces of the crew, it gives us their backs as they look up to a menacing cloud with several spooky faces in it. There was never a moment like this in the movie, but it makes for a slick poster.

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