SXSW Film Festival

/Film will be attending the 2008 South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin Texas from March 7th to 15th. Check back for coverage.


Festival Line-up Announced


Days 2-4: Wizards, Teens, The Promotion and Kristen Bell
Day 1 – Kumar, Online Gamers, and the Opening Night Party
The Calm Before or During The Storm
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Movie Reviews

The King of Texas 7/10
Choke 8.5/10
Body of War 9/10
Rainbow Around the Sun 7.5/10
Bananaz 6.5/10
Nerdcore Rising 8/10
Frontrunners 8/10 
Forgetting Sarah Marshall 8/10
Dance of the Dead  7/10
The Promotion 7.5/10 
Run, Fat Boy, Run 7/10
We Are Wizards 7/10
Second Skin 7.5/10
Harod and Kumar Escape from from Guantanamo Bay 6.5/10 [Drunken Video]
American Teen 9.5/10 [Sundance]
Assassination of a High School President 9/10 [Sundance]
Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? 8/10 [Sundance]
Choke 8/10 [Sundance]

SXSW Movie Trailers

American Teen [Video Clip]
Assassination of a High School President [Video Clips]
Beautiful Losers
Choke [Video Clip]
Dreams With Sharp Teeth
Forgetting Sarah Marshall [Trailer, Red Band]

Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay [Trailer, Teaser, Red Band]
Medicine For Melancholy
Mister Foe
Mister Lonely

My Effortless Brilliance
Nerdcore Rising
New Orleans Mon Amour
One Minute to Nine
Present Company
Rainbow Around the Sun

Reformat The Planet
Run Fatboy Run
Second Skin
Shot in Bombay

The Marconi Bros.
The Ostrich Testimonies
Where In The World is Osama Bin Laden?
Up With Me