Biggs Darklighter

How Did Biggs Darklighter Become An X-Wing Fighter?

Here’s what we know about Luke’s friend Biggs. He lived on Tatooine with Luke, went into the Rebel Alliance, became an X-Wing Fighter and then heroically died attacking the first Death Star. This one might be tricky from an actor standpoint, but I’d love to see Biggs’s story. Sort of a Full Metal Jacket story set in the Star Wars universe, showing what it took for a boy to go to war and become a man. Surely he faced trials, tribulations and adventures alone the way. Also, I’ve also love to also see this story from the Imperial perspective too. So maybe a dual story of Biggs growing up along with the Tie Fighter pilot who ends up shooting him down in battle. They never met but their lives were destined to come together.

Mace Windu Jedi Council

Where did the Prophecy come from?

The Jedi love talking about the prophecy of the one who’ll bring balance to the Force. They believe it’s this…boy. But where did that idea come from? Who was the first person to say it and what spanwed it? This is a deep, Jedi history story with the keepers of peace in the galaxy living in peace but knowing something evil is rising on the horizon. You’d imagine the stand alones will avoid almost any and all prequel references but this feels like an essential nugget, especially since it ties into the fates of the Skywalker family.

Princess Leia Grand Moff Tarkin

Why did the Rebels Desert their base on Dantooine? 

From what we can tell, Star Wars Rebels is going to get into the creation of the Rebel Alliance. But if the crew of the Ghost remains on the outskirts of the main leadership – the one that included Bail Organa and Princess Leia – this film could show how they created some of their bases. Specifically, the base on Dantooine that Princess Leia tells Grand Moff Tarkin about. Why did they move from there? It seems like they were pretty well hidden until they stole the plans. The film would start with the creation of that base, tell the story of how they got there, then end with them leaving and moving to Yavin.


Will any of these end up as stand alone films? I’d bet at least one or two get touched upon. I also wouldn’t bet against new characters we meet in the upcoming saga getting movies to expand them. Never the less, which of these movies would you like to see most and do you have any other additions?

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