swamp pop soda in Cloverfield Lane

Swamp Pop Soda

In the 10 Cloverfield Lane teaser trailer, we see them drinking Swamp Pop soda. Cloverfield fanatics quickly discovered that a website exists for Swamp Pop soda where you can order merchandise and soda, much like you could on the original Slusho website. One of the products listed on the website is a “long-term shelter supply” was is sold out:


Note that the the number 4813 also happens to be the number that was punched into the jukebox at the beginning of the trailer.

A Cloverfield Clues reader named Sarah Rose contacted Swamp Pop about the Long Term Shelter Supply and received the following response:


Some Cloverfield fanatics ordered soda from the website and have already received their orders which have included puzzle pieces.


Remember, we see them piecing together a puzzle in the 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer:


The Reddit community have combined their resources and discovered that the puzzle pieces come from a puzzle of the Eiffel Tower.


What does the Eiffel Tower or Paris have to do with this? Possibly nothing.

Thats when I started digging and discovered one thing: this Swamp Pop website is well made because its real. Swamp Pop is not a fake product like Slusho, its a real company with real soda which was used in the film as product placement. So the puzzle pieces and the shelter website listing might just be the soda company’s way of playing along. I do not believe this to be part of the ARG/viral marketing.

However, the Tagrauto e-mail seems to suggest that things are starting up again.

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