The 10 Most Beautiful Films of 2010

How to Train Your Dragon – Sure, there’s a lot of action, adventure, and dragon-slaying in How to Train Your Dragon. But what I’ll never forget are the flight scenes, which memorably depict the dark-as-night Toothless against the backdrop of gorgeous CGI vistas. Toothless’ first and second flights are absolutely transcendent.

Never Let Me Go – Each shot in Never Let Me Go is so lovingly composed that I want to frame it and bask in its glory. Director Mark Romanek is no stranger to spectacular visuals, but working with cinematographer Adam Kimmel in a world created by author Kazuo Ishiguro, Romanek infuses this alternate-reality Britain with subtlety and beauty.

True Grit – I mean, have you seen the trailer for this thing? Seriously, go watch it right now:

Working with longtime collaborator Roger Deakins, the Coen Brothers created a Western that was as enjoyable for the eyes as it was for the ears. I can’t wait to own this thing on Blu-Ray to show it off on my home theater.

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