The Dark Tower Trailer Breakdown 30

Here’s another look at Walter, standing in a doorway with some kind of desolate landscape behind him. He could be pretty much anywhere…literally. Walter walks between worlds with ease, making him a hard guy to pin down.

The Dark Tower Trailer Breakdown 31

Here’s another look at Walter, seen in a location glimpsed several times in the trailer. Could this also be the Dixie Pig, or at least his own private lair within it?

The Dark Tower Trailer Breakdown 32

Walter is an agent of chaos and destruction, a powerful, immortal being with too much time on his hands. While I have mixed feelings on how the movie has chosen to dress him, McConaughey’s laid-back menace feels perfect for the character, a guy who really does just want to watch the world burn.

The Dark Tower Trailer Breakdown 33

In contrast, Roland is painfully mortal, a weary, broken man who has lost everything and everyone he has ever cared about. While Walter plots and schemes, Roland trudges through trial after trial, pushing himself to the breaking point track down the man who destroyed his world and now threatens every other world.

The Dark Tower Trailer Breakdown 34

Could this be our first look at the Taheen? In the books, they literally have the heads of animals, only appearing human once they don disguises. Since these guys have their faces covered, it’s hard to tell if what’s lurking behind those masks. However, we can probably say this much: they don’t look human.

The Dark Tower Trailer Breakdown 35

Whoever they are, they are seen leading a raid on a Mid-World village, where they don’t seem to be sparing any prisoners. The internet seems to think this is the Manni village, a community whose religious beliefs (rooted in long lost science) empowers them to travel between worlds. They’re actually introduced much later in the books, but it seems like they’ve been boosted to the forefront for the film adaptation.

The Dark Tower Trailer Breakdown 36

Yep, that certainly looks like an overgrown skyscraper, reclaimed by nature and slowly crumbling in the middle of a lush valley. Welcome to the world of The Dark Tower, where just about anything is possible.

The Dark Tower Trailer Breakdown 37

The title creature from It actually makes a cameo appearance in one of the later Dark Tower books, a terrifying moment in the middle of a very bleak novel. While it probably won’t rear its ugly head in the film, this is a nice touch: a derelict sign featuring the name “Pennywise,” as well as the remains of an old statue…featuring a fist grasping a handful of balloons.

The Dark Tower Trailer Breakdown 38

Here’s our only look at the Dark Tower where it’s not being destroyed! While everyone has their own idea of what this thing looks like, it’s hard to imagine any fans taking too much issue with this depiction. This shot also gives us our best look at the beams, which shoot out from the tower like spokes of a wheel.

The Dark Tower Trailer Breakdown 39

“Do they have guns and bullets in your world?”

“You’re going to like Earth. A lot.”

Well, at least The Dark Tower won’t be without humor.

The Dark Tower Trailer Breakdown 40

Roland doesn’t pay a visit to our world until the second book, but the movie is taking him straight to New York City. Here, we see him and Jake activating a doorway, possibly the same one previously used at Dutch Hill.

The Dark Tower Trailer Breakdown 41

Note the graffiti on the wall and gasp, Stephen King fans – that says “All hail the Crimson King.” Like Walter himself, the Crimson King is a villain referenced throughout King’s work, a figure of pure, malevolent evil who only wants to bring about chaos as part of a plan to destroy the world(s) and remake reality in his image. Walter actually works for him…a relationship made slightly complicated because the Crimson King is currently imprisoned within the Dark Tower itself.

The Dark Tower Trailer Breakdown 42

Remember how we said the house on Dutch Hill was a pretty dangerous place? Well, here you go: it’s not actually a house, but a demon disguised as house that exists to guard the gate connecting Earth to Mid-World. As in the book, it comes to life and does everything in its power to stop Jake from reaching Roland.

The Dark Tower Trailer Breakdown 43

Are we back in the Dixie Pig? And are those men, armed with Earth weapons, disguised Taheen? That seems likely. Expect these guys to be treated as cannon fodder in this movie.

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