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Now, in Shocking Tales of Internet Malfeasance, Gilberto Sanchez, the guy who uploaded a workprint of X-Men Origins: Wolverine back in 2009, has pleaded guilty to felony copyright infringement. He won’t be sentenced until September 19, so we’ll have to wait to see if he does time or only has to pay a fine. The penalty is up to three years in jail and a $250,000 fine.

Meanwhile, while the film was leaked out of a post-production facility and ended up sold in bootleg form on New York City streets — which is how Gilberto Sanchez got his copy — we still don’t know who actually leaked the film, or from where. Fox probably knows and isn’t saying. Because while it sucks for Fox that the film was illegally uploaded to the internet, admitting that the post-production process is rife with leaks and chances for theft would just be embarrassing. [THR]

Meanwhile, in a slightly less devastating case, fairly tame sex scene images were leaked this past week from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. We didn’t post them for a few different reasons, but now Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon and the film’s producers have released a statement asking people not to post the images. Read that below. Read More »


Discussions of X-Men Origins: Magneto stopped about the same time that X-Men: First Class was announced. Last we heard about it, Bryan Singer was still signed on to direct First Class, and he said that the film might supersede the Magneto prequel.

Now we’ve got an update from producer Lauren Shuler Donner, providing a slightly more definitive answer on the matter, as well as a few details on Deadpool and the sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Read More »

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Confirmed: Zombieland Writers to Pen Deadpool


Last month is was rumored that Zombieland screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were writing the script for the big screen comic book adaptation of Deadpool. The Hollywood Trades tonight confirm CHUD‘s report, adding that Ryan Reynolds will indeed reprise his role as the wisecracking mercenary he portrayed in last year’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of 2009

The above graph is from ChartsBin, showing the top 10 most pirated movies of 2009. The list, which was collected by Torrent Freak from several sources, is pretty odd. It’s not surprising that big Hollywood blockbusters like Star Trek and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen topped the list, but who would have thought that a film like Guy Ritchie’s Rocknrolla would end up at #3?

Also surprising is that X-Men Origins: Wolverine ended up at at the bottom of the list, at #9, even though a workprint of the film infamously hit the internet a month before the theatrical release. Alex Proyas’ Knowing places #10, which is probably a good example of a movie that people had an interest in seeing (especially after some of the WTF buzz) but weren’t willing to pay for.

How do films end up on the internet? Free Love Forum has posted a faux behind the scenes documentary of the revolutionary new bootleg of the revolutionary new movie — James Cameron’s Avatar. Watch the video, embedded after the jump.

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VOTD: X-Mas Origins: Santa

X-Men Origins: Santa
They say that all legendary figures are the creation of great tragedy and perseverance. But what about Santa Claus? Imagine, if you can, Santa Claus as a superhero, out for vengeance. Imagine, if you will, a movie trailer mash-up featuring The Santa Clause and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Imagine, no more. You can watch the real origin story of Santa Claus, after the jump.

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Lauren Shuler Donner on Future X-Men Movies

If there’s any way a text blog post could be said to be ‘coming live’ then this one is, and from the Fox Blu-Ray press event in Beverly Hills. So far this morning we’ve been treated to a host of presentations centred around the release of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Blu-Ray, out now in the US, hitting my native UK on October 19th.

First up was Lauren Shuler Donner, X-producer responsible for all of the mutant movies so far, and by the sounds of things, plenty more to come. Though she wasn’t able to stay for a series of extended interviews, she did take some questions from the floor, including mine. The answer is coming up after the break – clarifying just what is going on with X-Men: First Class at the moment, not to mention the Deadpool movie and a couple of other, less expected mutant pictures.

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Christopher McQuarrie To Write Wolverine Sequel


Christopher McQuarrie has signed on to pen the screenplay for a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This comes as no surprise, especially considering the film grossed over $158 million worldwide on opening weekend.

Hugh Jackman has said that a sequel will loosely follow the early 1980s Chris Claremont/Frank Miller comic book miniseries, where Logan journeys to Japan and attempts to cool his killer instincts, and trains to live life under the samurai’s code of honor and respect. The storyline was also hinted at in one of the film’s after-credits easter egg endings which showed Logan drinking in a Japanese bar. Seed Productions is producing with Jackman, who would also star again as Wolverine.
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