Wonder Woman

While superhero films have become dominant at the box office in the past decade, there still hasn’t been one that successfully brought a major female hero to the screen. There have been a couple big attempts, such as Elektra and Catwoman, but perhaps thanks to the failures of both those efforts, no studio seems willing to risk a load of cash on a solo film for a female character. Just witness Kevin Feige’s reponse to interest in a solo female Marvel character over this past weekend.

And what of Wonder Woman, at DC? The character has been the focus of feature development efforts for years, and would have been part of George Miller’s Justice League, had that come to fruition. There have been multiple efforts to create a new TV series for Wonder Woman, too, the most notable of which was scuttled after a pilot shoot.

Lately, there has been suspicion that Wonder Woman will end up in Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel sequel, Batman Vs Superman. As if introducing a new Batman (Ben Affleck) wasn’t enough, and having to get Superman and Bats together, there are those wondering how Wonder Woman could fit in. And yet the policy of late seems to be to introduce a female hero in one film anchored by male heroes, and then perhaps spin her off into a standalone title.

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J Michael Straczynski

J. Michael Straczynski definitely isn’t the first person to notice that Marvel Studios is currently running circles around Warner Bros./DC. However, as a guy who’s worked with both companies and written for both comic book publishers, he’s in a unique position to say something about it. “I think Marvel is really kicking DC’s clock,” he said. “I’ve talked to the people at Warner Bros. and said ‘What is wrong with you people?’”

But while Straczynski has some intriguing ideas about what WB should be doing, he won’t be running the show there any time soon. He has a full plate right now with several other projects — including a new mystery film for Disney. Hit the jump for slightly more on that project, plus his comments on DC’s mistakes.

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Wonder Woman

The list of filmmakers who’ve successfully brought Wonder Woman to the big screen is nonexistent, but the list of people who’ve tried and failed seems to get longer by the day.

To wit: Joss Whedon and Nicolas Winding Refn have both made unsuccessful attempts. (Well, Refn’s was more of a theoretical attempt, but we’ll credit it.) Michael Goldbenberg was hired to write a script that doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere. Max Landis has said he wants to give it a shot, but nothing’s come of it so far. Producer Joel Silver long worked on ideas, with Whedon and others. And now, we’ve learned that Paul Feig also once pitched a version, only to get shot down by Warner Bros. Hit the jump to find out what Feig had in mind.

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Wonder Woman

Warner Bros. has been the target of many derisive comments due the fact that, while the company has put multiple incarnations of Batman and Superman on the big screen, most of the rest of the DC Comics stable of characters has failed to develop into stars of their own feature films. Those few that have made the leap to theaters ended up like the poorly-received Green Lantern, or the marginalized The Losers. (Sure, there was Watchmen, but that didn’t help WB and DC build an empire to match Marvel’s.)

So where’s Wonder Woman? Where’s the Flash? Both could end up on TV, but what about in the movies? Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara addressed the question during an event this past weekend.  Read More »


Max Landis may be off the Chronicle sequel, but he’s not done telling superpowered stories. The writer, who’s also known for his 2011 short The Death and Return of Superman, has indicated that he’d love to see a new version of Green Lantern — and that he actually plans to pitch another concept for Wonder Woman. Hit the jump to read his comments.

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One of the stark differences between Marvel and DC is that the latter is just as interested in launching heroes on TV as it is on the big screen. Marvel has its forays into TV, sure, but in the wake of the success of Smallville, DC has experimented with bringing Wonder Woman and Aquaman to the small screen, had a minor run with Birds of Prey and successfully launched the Green Arrow series, Arrow, on the CW.

Now the Arrow team is putting together Flash, a new series based around (surprise!) DC speedster hero the Flash.  Read More »

Justice League by Alex Ross (header size)

As superhero nation flocks to theaters this weekend to see Man of Steel, everyone is going to be talking about what’s next. How is Warner Bros. going to continue expanding the DC Universe? What bits of this film foreshadow that expansion? And what steps will be taken to eventually get to the Justice League?

None of those questions can be fully answered yet, but screenwriter David Goyer has provided some clues. The writer of Batman Begins, Man of Steel, the upcoming Man of Steel 2 and probably even Justice League revealed that not only does Man of Steel set up that larger DC Universe in theaters, Superman’s revelations in the film will directly influence characters in that world. Read his quotes, as well as a updates on Wonder Wonder, Aquaman and The Flash. Read More »

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