William Monahan to Write and Direct ‘Becket’

William Monahan (The Departed) graduated from screenwriter to writer/director with London Boulevard, for which we just saw a UK trailer. Now he’s lined up a second directorial project: an adaptation of the Jean Anouilh play Becket. Read More »


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Movie Trailer: ‘London Boulevard’

Screenwriter William Monahan made his directorial debut not long ago with London Boulevard. But despite being the first film from a big-name writer and featuring Colin Farrell and Keira Knightley, the film didn’t show up at festivals and has generally had a rather low profile. And if this just-released trailer is any indication, that might be because the movie is a weird blend of tone and genre.

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kosinski oblivion

Deadline is reporting that Disney has hired William Monahan, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Departed, to adapt the graphic novel Oblivion for Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski. In addition to The Departed, Monahan has writer credits on Kingdom of Heaven, Body of Lies, Edge of Darkness and the upcoming London Boulevard, which he will make his directorial debut. The “illustrated novel” announced back in February was written by Kosinski with art by Andree Wallin. At Comic-Con, Radical Comics distributed a preview chapter from the upcoming graphic novel. You can see some art from the book after the jump.

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the associate writer

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Tony Scott, according to their sources, is “just a step away from” directing the big screen adaption of John Grisham‘s bestselling legal thriller The Associate. You might recall that Shia LaBeouf is attached to star, Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers, GI Joe) is producing, and The Departed screenwriter William Monahan penned the script.

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Awards Daily has found the first official photo from William Monahan’s London Boulevard on ONTD. Monahan is the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of Martin Scorsese’s The Departed and Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven. Boulevard is Monahan’s directorial debut.

Based on the novel by Ken Bruen, this London-based crime drama stars Colin Farrell as “a man newly released from prison who falls in love with a reclusive young movie star (played by Keira Knightley) and finds himself in a duel with a vicious gangster.”

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the associate writer

Paramount has hired The Departed screenwriter William Monahan to write an adaption of John Grisham‘s bestselling legal thriller The Associate. Shia LaBeouf is attached to star and Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers, GI Joe) is producing. So what’s it about? Read the official plot description after the jump.

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William Monahan To Direct The Art of the Heist

The Departed screenwriter William Monahan has more projects on his plate than Guillermo del Toro, but the scripter hopes to direct a movie based on the career criminal Myles Connor. Producer Quentin Curtis has acquired Myles’ upcoming memoir The Art of the Heist which will be published in April by Harper Collins (the 304-page book is already available for preorder on Amazon for about $18). Got to admit, it’s a cool title.

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Poor chap. Despite also having written Kingdom of Heaven and Body of Lies, not to mention the upcoming big-screen fit up of Edge of Darkness, he is always referred to as WilliamThe DepartedMonahan. I don’t quite get it because, well, it strikes me that Kingdom of Heaven and Body of Lies are the better films.

Perhaps now he’s segueing to a directorial career, he’ll be be able to get a name change: William ‘London Boulevard‘ Monahan.

Variety tells us today that Colin Farrell and Keira Knightley have been cast in the lead roles: Mr. Farrell as “a South London criminal who, after release from prison, tries to give up the gangster life by becoming a handyman”, this character being called Mitchell in the novel; and Ms. Knightley most likely not as the “reclusive actress” who hires him, but some other female character called Aisling who sounds rather like a love interest. Variety initially told us when Monahan first started circling the project last spring and this seems to be the first proper update since then.

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Martin Scorsese to Direct The Falcon’s Tale?

I totally missed this item in the latest issue of Production Weekly, but Alex from FirstShowing sent me a link to this story on Cinemablend about a project called Falcon’s Tale that Martin Scorsese is supposedly attached to direct. What is this movie? A quick internet search turns up NOTHING. But I decided to dig a little deeper and have come upon more information about the project.

James Keene and author/reporter Hillel Levin sold a one-page description of this story to Playboy and to Paramount / GK Films (the production company behind Edge of Darkness) in a seven-figure film deal in November 2007. The article, titled “The Strange Redemption of James Keene”, appeared in the August 2008 issue of Playboy on page 54. The book is due to be released by St. Martin’s in Fall 2009.  So what is the story about?

“James Keene was serving a 10-year-to-life sentence as a convicted drug dealer when the FBI came to him with an amazing offer. They wanted him to enter a high-security prison for the criminally insane in order to get information from a suspected serial killer awaiting retrial. If he helped them succeed, they would free James from prison. Only one person in the prison would know Jim’s true identity.”

Sounds very compelling. Academy Award-winning screenwriter William Monahan (The Departed) is penning the screenplay adaptation. And as you know, Monahan has ties to Scorsese, and penned The Departed, which makes the story that much more believable. I’m not sure if Scorsese is officially attached, and even if he is, that doesn’t mean that he will direct it (if Scorsese directs 10% of the films he is currently attached to, I’ll be amazed).