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Immediately following the 2008 release of The Dark Knight, rumblings began that director Christopher Nolan and director of photography Wally Pfister were considering shooting what is now known as The Dark Knight Rises entirely in IMAX. The pair shot several sequences of The Dark Knight in IMAX, giving the film a whole different feel, and everyone loved it. Well, this rumor just keeps coming up and now not only has it come up again, one movie website is suggesting it’s confirmed. Hit the jump to read about the history of the rumor, the new information, and the downsides to shooting and exhibiting a film in IMAX. Plus, there’s an update. Read More »

Today’s biggest film news was, without a doubt, the announcement that Christopher Nolan has titled the third Batman film The Dark Knight Rises, and that the film will not shoot in 3D or be released in post-converted fashion. Now there are a few more quotes from the director about his choice of presentation for the film, and they suggest wonderful things about what we might eventually see. Read More »


Fans have been hungry for reliable info on Batman 3, but while presumed director Christopher Nolan finished his latest movie, Inception, he was reluctant to talk about the third film in his Batman series. Now that Inception is out and making money, it’s time for Batman 3 to kick into gear. Accordingly, we’ve got some new info: Nolan’s cinematographer Wally Pfister talks about ambitious desires for the use of IMAX in the third film.

And, probably more important to most of you, is a report, a bit more reliable than most, that says at least one of the villains in the film will be the Riddler, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt a prime candidate to play him. Read More »


The fact that there will be another Batman film in Christopher Nolan‘s presumptive trilogy is assumed by just about everyone, despite the fact that there has been no formal announcement of the film. But in the runup to the release of Nolan’s Inception, which opens on July 16, there is already some talk about what the next Batman film might look like.

Wally Pfister is the cinematographer responsible for all of Christopher Nolan’s features from Memento on, and his photography was one of the things I liked best about The Dark Knight. He captured Chicago-as-Gotham with a simplicity and clarity that was very uncharacteristic of most superhero films. Now he’s talking about possibilities for the third film, including the option of 3D. Hint: don’t expect Batman 3D. Read More »

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