Hailee Steinfeld‘s performance in the Coen Brothers’ True Grit has a great chance of nabbing her an Oscar nomination. She, unfortunately, didn’t get a well-deserved CLIO for her performance in this commercial for “Blingatude” at K-Mart. It seems that even a 14-year-old on the brink of international stardom isn’t immune from their past. Check out the video after the jump. Read More »


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Is True Grit going to be the new The Big Lebowski, inspiring fan gatherings all over the country? Probably not, but on the eve of the opening of Joel and Ethan Coen’s new version of True Grit, hundreds of people gathered in front of Judge Parker’s gallows at Fort Smith, Arkansas to partially recreate the classic showdown between Marshall ‘Rooster’ Cogburn and Lucky Ned Pepper. Watch video of the unusual gathering after the break. And, as a bonus, get the truth about the most curious credit in the film: Matt Damon’s Abs Double. Read More »

Writers Guild of America Nominations Announced

Along with the Producers Guild and the Screen Actors Guild, the Writers Guild of America is one of the strongest voting bodies in Hollywood. So, when they announce their nominations for the best of the year, it’s usually a pretty good precursor to the Oscars. Check out their 2010 nominees after the jump. Read More »

Looking back, 2010 is not going to be remembered as a particularly good year for movies. In my mind, most of the 150 or so new films I saw from January to December are all muddled together in a big pile of mediocrity. When that happens though, it’s so much easier to pick out the truly great ones. To that end, picking my favorite movies of 2010 was easier than previous years. What was harder, though, was weeding through an insane amount of movies that didn’t end up getting released during 2010. Why recommend them if you can’t see them?

So, after the jump, you’ll find more than just a top ten of 2010. You’ll also find a five worst of 2010 and my top five of 2011 so far. Yes, that’s right. When everyone is strictly doing top tens for last year, we’ve got one for 2011 as well. Read More »

Quentin Tarantino’s Favorite Movies of 2010

Quentin Tarantino has released a list of his favorite films of 2010. Hit the jump to see the list.

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/Filmcast Ep. 129 – True Grit and Black Swan


This week, David ChenDevindra Hardawar and Adam Quigley deliver their thoughts on two of this year’s most critically acclaimed films, debate whether or not the Coens have ever done a “straight genre exercise” before, plus offer a crazy theory about the real meaning of Black Swan and speculate on where Aronofsky’s career might be headed next. Thanks to all our listeners, sponsors, donors, and subscribers for an exciting 2010! Check back in a few days for our Top 10 Movies of 2010 in this week’s /Filmcast: After Dark.

You can always e-mail us at slashfilmcast(AT)gmail(DOT)com, or call and leave a voicemail at 781-583-1993. We are off until January 9th. Join us then at Slashfilm’s live page at 10 PM EST / 7 PM PST, where we’ll be reviewing Exit Through the Gift Shop.

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Though TRON: Legacy came in a distant third at the box office over the Christmas weekend, it dominated its rivals on Twitter. According to a report by Mashable, more people tweeted about TRON: Legacy this weekend than both Little Fockers and True Grit combined. Those films were the number one and two films at the box office, pulling in $30.8 and $24.9 million respectively while TRON: Legacy made $19.1 million. On Twitter, though, TRON: Legacy was the clear winner as people used the word “Tron” about 1000 times an hour while “little fockers” and “true grit” each barely averaged 500 tweets an hour

What does this all mean, if anything? We break it down after the jump. Read More »

The Best Reviewed Movies of 2010

As the end of the year nears, Rotten Tomatoes have released the tallies for the best reviewed movies of 2010. I thought we’d compare the list with the other movie review compilation site Metacritic.

Both sites have their advantages. Rotten Tomatoes includes a larger sample of reviews, while Metacritic features a smaller more-selected grouping of film critics. Rotten Tomatoes calculates critic scores using a positive or negative score for each review. One movie could be 100% fresh with all the critics giving the movie a 7/10 grade. Metacritic attempts to gauge the score of each critic’s review (not just a positive or negative, but a number 0 to 100) averaged together, giving you a better indication of what the response is to any given film, and not just a percentage of positive reviews.

For example, How To Train Youyr Dragon is ranked #2 for the year on Rotten Tomatoes with a 98% fresh rating based on 146 reviews. But on Metacritic, Dragon has a 74% average with 33 reviews. Honestly, I like how Metacritic calculates the numbers, but their refusal to incorporate a larger sample of film critics puts them behind Rotten Tomatoes in my mind.

Hit the jump to find out what films ranked in the best reviewed films of the year.
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