Thomas Pynchon fans have reason to celebrate this year. The reclusive author (is Pynchon’s name ever mentioned without the word “reclusive”?) has announced the imminent publication of a new novel, for one. And his previous novel, Inherent Vice, is the subject of an adaptation effort by none less than Paul Thomas Anderson.

Pynchon’s novels have never yet been the basis for a major film, though his influence has been felt in small ways in more than a few movies in the past. Inherent Vice will be the first major film based on a Pynchon novel, and it benefits from quite a creative team. Anderson is writing, possibly with the help of Pynchon himself, and Robert Downey Jr. has long been in place as the likely choice to play the central character, burnout detective “Doc” Sportello.

And now Charlize Theron is reported as a likely addition as well. Read More »


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After whipping out three features in four years in the late ’90s, Paul Thomas Anderson mellowed his pace during the ’00s. It took three years to get from Magnolia to Punch-Drunk Love, five to get from the latter to There Will Be Blood, and then another five after that to complete The Master. But he’s wasting no time moving on his next project, the Thomas Pynchon adaptation Inherent Vice.

Anderson first signed on to adapt the noir tale in 2010, but then wound up shooting The Master first. Now that that’s behind him, though, Anderson is planning to move into production on Inherent Vice next year. More after the jump.

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With the best filmmakers, the instant their latest movie arrives at your local theater, it’s easy to begin looking forward to the next one. Paul Thomas Anderson‘s The Master is now playing and though it was five years between that and his last film, he’s had his follow-up in mind for sometime. It’s an adaptation of Thomas Pynchon‘s Inherent Vice, “which follows a burnt-out detective who gets roped into a caper revolving around a real estate mogul.”

Anderson was in New York this week, appearing on The Daily Show, CBS This Morning as well as Sirius XM and there he spoke at length about the film. He discussed some of the problems he’s finding in adaptation, confirmed he’s writing with some actors in his mind (Robert Downey Jr. has publically expressed interest) and more. Read his quotes after the jump. Read More »

It wasn’t quite two years ago that we heard that Paul Thomas Anderson might follow up The Master with one of the first major film adaptations of a Thomas Pynchon novel. The book in question is Pynchon’s most recent, Inherent Vice, which follows a burnt-out detective who gets roped into a caper revolving around a real estate mogul. (Think of it like the TV series Terriers as a period piece, with a bit more Big Lebowski thrown in, as well as Pynchon’s trademark verbal tics.)

Robert Downey, Jr. has been attached to play the lead role, but we haven’t heard much about Inherent Vice in a while. But while talking about The Master at Venice, PTA said that the Pynchon adaptation is still brewing and could be next. Read More »

When the news broke that Robert Downey Jr. could be teaming up with Paul Thomas Anderson to make Thomas Pynchon‘s Inherent Vice, fans geeked out at the possibility of such an unpredictable pair teaming up for such a cool story. That was back in 2010. In February, things started to heat up but then news on the project went cold. Downey went and shot Sherlock Holmes 2, The Avengers and is now getting ready for Iron Man 3 while Anderson finally got the money to go ahead and make The Master, which will hopefully come out in 2012.

We finally have an update. Kind of. Downey recently sat down with MTV for an interview and said that the rumors of the team up are “probably true.” But when could he do it? We’ll show you the video and discuss after the jump. Read More »

Over three years have passed since the release of Paul Thomas Anderson‘s last film, There Will Be Blood, and we’re at the point now where any shred of news on his future projects is of interest to someone. We know that he is prepping two films, an adaptation of the Thomas Pynchon novel Inherent Vice and a film about a religious/cult leader that has been dubbed The Master. Slight casting movement on The Master (perhaps better called the Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Religious Film) suggests that is the movie that he’ll shoot next.

And now a report pushes forward the idea that the director is getting closer to shooting something, and that he might use the same Super Panavision 70 cameras that were used to shoot 2001 and parts of Inception. Read More »

This article could have an alternate title: Megan Ellison, movie savior. Allow me to explain. Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, has two children with movie business aspirations. David Ellison appeared in Flyboys, was trying to get that Taylor Lautner movie Northern Lights made, and he put up some of the money for Paramount films like True Grit and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. His 25-year old sister Megan is following in his footsteps, and is also listed as an exec producer on True Grit. She’s one of the people who put up money for John Hillcoat’s The Wettest County in the World, thereby bringing that film back from limbo. And now it looks as if she is ready to co-finance not one Paul Thomas Anderson project, but two: the film referred to as The Master and the Thomas Pynchon adaptation Inherent Vice. Read More »

Not long after reclusive author Thomas Pynchon published his latest novel, Inherent Vice, it was noted that the book rights were being handled by agency CAA. That seemed like a preemptive move to develop the story for film, and now we’re seeing the very unlikely, but potentially wonderful results. Paul Thomas Anderson seeks to adapt the novel into script form. That sentence alone will quite possibly send fans of the author and director into minor fits. And there’s word that Robert Downey Jr. may be sought for the lead. Read More »

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