There’s been another shuffle on The Stand over at Warner Bros. While Scott Cooper was recently the latest writer/director linked to the adaptation, he fell away thanks to disagreements over done and approach. Now Josh Boone, whose film The Fault in Our Stars is set to open later this year, is in talks to direct.  Read More »


Briefly: The new feature film adaptation of Stephen King novel The Stand has been a difficult thing for Warner Bros. to get off the ground. Filmmakers such as Harry Potter duo David Yates and Steve Kloves; Ben Affleck; and Crazy Heart and Out of the Furnace director Scott Cooper have all been attached to versions of the adaptation in the past couple years.

Now Badass Digest reports that the top choice at WB to take over the project is Paul Greengrass, who hit big this year with Captain Phillips. Read More »

Scott Cooper Leaves WB’s ‘The Stand’ Adaptation


Briefly: The Warner Bros. adaptation of Stephen King’s massive novel The Stand has become something of a revolving door project for creatives. Harry Potter screenwriter/director pair Steve Kloves and David Yates were on board at one point, but gave way to Ben Affleck after some time in development. Then Affleck moved on, and Scott Cooper, of Crazy Heart and the upcoming Out of the Furnace, came on to rewrite and direct.

Now Cooper has bailed, too. Read More »


Warner Bros. has been working on a new feature film version of Stephen King‘s giant apocalyptic novel The Stand, which was previously made into a televised mini-series. A few different writers and directors have been attached over the past couple years, with the most recent being Ben Affleck, but now the studio has settled on someone new.

Scott Cooper, who wrote and directed Crazy Heart and the upcoming Out of the Furnace (trailer here), is now in talks to direct and rewrite The Stand. Read More »

If Ben Affleck, the actor, had it good when it came to choosing films, Ben Affleck, the director, has it even better. He’s three for three in terms of successful films, both commercially and critically, and his home studio of Warner Bros. wants to keep him happy. While he was rumored to be offered Justice League, one major property we know he’s been thinking about is Stephen King‘s The Stand. The novel is an epic tome about a virus that wipes out the world and the survivors who attempt to rebuild society while under a cloud of supernatural darkness.

Affleck was recently asked about status of that project and admitted adaptation was proving difficult. He also described it as “Lord of the Rings in America.” Read his quote and more after the jump. Read More »

Briefly: Warner Bros. has spent a lot of time developing big-budget adaptations of two classic Stephen King tomes, It and The Stand. The latter has seen a lot more activity of late, with Harry Potter team David Yates and Steve Kloves briefly attached to make the film before they decided one or two feature films wouldn’t do justice to the material. Ben Affleck stepped in as director, and now that he’s done shooting the true-life thriller Argo, he seems to be moving forward with The Stand.

But this one isn’t going to shoot super-fast. Vulture reports that David Kajganich has been hired to rewrite write The Stand. Kajganich also did the latest draft of It, as well as being one of the writers on the Pet Sematary remake. (He’s the new Mick Garris!) He’s also credited with writing the barely-seen Joel Schumacher movie Blood Creek and Invasion of the Body Snatchers remake The Invasion.

Vulture says Kajganich “wowed” Warners with his It script, so we’ll see how this goes. The Stand is material that either needs a sprawling structure or a hell of a trim, if not both. Not the easiest adaptation.

Who saw this one coming? Maybe only the Walkin’ Dude. Warner Bros. has moved away from Harry Potter director David Yates to direct their big screen version of Stephen King‘s The Stand and onto Ben Affleck. The screenwriter/ actor turned acclaimed director is currently making Argo but is now reportedly the studio’s top choice to helm King’s massive tome about a virus that annihilates the entire world save for a few choice survivors who begin to share the same apocalyptic dreams. Read More »

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 is the biggest movie of the year, with a $1.1 billion-dollar take worldwide. We’ve known for years that Warner Bros. was anxious about this point in time because, without Potter, what will the studio be able to rely upon as a guaranteed cash cow? And with the afterglow of that billion-buck figure starting to fade like the taillights of a truck hauling off WB’s money-printing press, it is time to take action.

The action is this: put director David Yates and screenwriter Steve Kloves, the architects of Potter‘s success, together on a new project. Something big. Something sprawling enough to generate a couple movies. Something like Stephen King‘s own thousand-page viral outbreak, end of the world, showdown-between-good-and-evil doorstop The Stand. I think it’s a great idea. Will the moviegoing public? That remains to be seen. Read More »

As the Harry Potter franchise ends, one question being mulled in some executive quarters is: what will director David Yates do next? Primarily a television director prior to helming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, David Yates oversaw the last half of the Potter franchise in a way that balanced fan and studio interest. His previous television success (most notably with State of Play) will for some time be overshadowed by Harry Potter. Warner Bros. clearly likes him, so what is his next move?

Not long ago he said he would like to make something small before jumping back onto something as big as Potter, and he’s been linked to the Al Capone biopic Cicero. Now Tom Hardy is reportedly attached to play Capone, and David Yates may also be offered a couple of huge genre projects: adaptations of Stephen King‘s novel The Stand, and of the comic series Fables. Read More »

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Stephen King may no longer be writing a column for Entertainment Weekly, but the mag retains close ties with the author. (Or at least keeps his email address on file.) So when news of a new film version of The Stand hit earlier this week, the editors reached out to see what Mr. King has to say about the new version. His thoughts, after the break. Read More »