Looking Back at the Music of the Bourne Films

One of the most disappointing elements of The Bourne Legacy was its score (Germain was a fan of the film overall, but I was not). John Powell had created such a rich, unique sound in the first three Bourne films and it was sad for me to see James Newton Howard deliver a lackluster soundtrack (and even more sad that that was probably one of the least of the film’s problems).

I decided to take a look back and see if the scores still held up. Below the jump, you’ll find a brief audio retrospective on John Powell’s work in this series of films. Questions/comments/agreements/disagreements? Leave them below or shoot me an email at slashfilmcast(AT)gmail.com.
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Drive Angry 3D Director/Co-Writer Patrick Lussier and Co-Writer Todd Farmer have provided us with a list of their favorite movie car chases. It’s worth noting that Lussier was just selected as one of Variety’s Top 10 Directors to Watch. Drive Angry hits theaters on February 25th 2011. Check out the list after the jump.
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Jack Black has signed on to star in what is being described as a comic take on The Bourne Identity scripted by Kung Fu Panda scribes Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger. Black will play an American who washes up on the shores of Cuba with no memory of who he is or how he got there. He comes to the inaccurate conclusion that he must be a superspy like Jason Bourne. Aibel and Berger (King of the Hill, Monsters vs. Aliens) sold the pitch to Universal for seven figures.

The concept sounds slightly appealing, but will probably result in another unwatchable Jack Black comedy. I can just imagine Black runnign around the screen now trying to kick ass Bourne style, completely missing at every step, but somehow things work out for him in the end. Yawn.

source: reuters