Earlier this year, when audio recordings of Mel Gibson‘s rants against his girlfriend were released, one of the first casualties seemed to be Summit’s film The Beaver, which Jodie Foster directed and in which she co-stars with the actor. She defended him and the film, and Summit took the movie to ground to wait out the first swell of controversy.

But the company recently announced that the film would see a wide release in spring 2011, and now there’s a trailer. Watching it, I can’t help but think this is the best possible movie Mel Gibson could be appearing in right now. It seems almost tailor-made for a man in the situation he’s built for himself. Read More »

Barely a month after we got our first glimpse at the poster for Jodie Foster’s The Beaver, starring Mel Gibson, word is that the film now has a release window: Spring 2011. That’s fairly soon considering Gibson’s name is still something of a bad word, but once Summit Entertainment – which is releasing the film – decided it wasn’t going to give it an awards push, they moved it into the new year. Though Summit does have two movies coming out in the Spring, Drive Angry 3D and Source Code, the release schedule itself is pretty light until May, making Spring as good a time as any for The Beaver to either flourish or flop.

Also, the trailer will premiere on Entertainment Tonight this Friday. Once it comes online, we’ll get it up here too. Read more about the film and see a new photo after the break. Read More »

Movie Poster: ‘The Beaver’ Starring Mel Gibson

Usually when the first poster for a movie is revealed, it means the film is coming soon. That unfortunately might not be the case for director Jodie Foster’s The Beaver, starring Mel Gibson from a script by Kyle Killen. The script was number one on the 2008 Black List and is about a man who finds a beaver puppet in the garbage and decides to communicate only using the beaver. Stars like Steve Carell and Jim Carrey hovered around the project, but when Gibson took over the lead role, the film reached a whole other level. It would be only the second film for the Oscar-winner since spewing anti-Semetic remarks in a drunken tirade. But then, just as that incident was seemingly forgotten and the film was finishing, Gibson found himself in hot water again after leaving his girlfriend violent voicemails with racial slurs. Jump to the present and Gibson is once again untouchable. His Leonardo DiCaprio Viking movie went away as did his cameo in The Hangover Part II. Thankfully, none of that takes away from a poster that’s kind of creepy and funny. Check out the full poster and more after the jump. Read More »

First Look At Mel Gibson’s Beaver


Pretty near the top of my most-anticipated list is Jodie Foster‘s next directorial effort, The Beaver. She’s put together an interesting cast with Jennifer Lawrence, Anton Yelchin and Mel Gibson who is starring as a somewhat stressed fellow who decides to communicate only via a Beaver glove puppet that he found in the trash. The real reason I’m excited, however, is that Kyle Killen’s screenplay is brake-slammingly awesome and definitely deserved its spot atop the 2008 Black List of the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood.

Some more images of the Gibson/glove puppet double act after the break.

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Okay, Sarah Polley and Anton Yelchin are only kids in the sense that, heck, I’m an old man but I’ll stick by that ‘cool’ label. They’ve each just been cast in an interesting upcoming project – Yelchin in Jodie Foster’s The Beaver, Polley in Mika Kaurismaki’s Queen Kristina.

The screenplay for The Beaver is absolutely fantastic and, I’m pretty convinced, going to make for a really great film that should easily outpace the rest of Ms. Foster’s directorial oeuvre. I reported on it last when Jim Carrey was eying the lead role, but since then Peter got to tell us that Mel Gibson was taking the part. That’s right – Jim Carrey out, Mel Gibson in. Not quite as extreme a change as when Eddie Murphy replaced Sylvester Stallone in Beverly Hills Cop, but still a bit of a jump.

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Mel Gibson To Star In The Beaver?

beaver casting gibson

Remember The Beaver? First-time writer Kyle Killen‘s spec screenplay created all sorts of buzz around Hollywood, ended up on the 2008 Black List (a list of the hottest unproduced screenplays of the year), and gained the interest of Steve Carell and director Jay Roach. /Film’s own Brendon Connelly called the screenplay “one of the few very best screenplays” he has “ever read.”

But after Steve moved on to Date Night and Roach moved on to Dinner for Schmucks, the producers moved on to Jim Carrey, who signed on the condition that they find a suitable director. Not sure what happened since, but Jodie Foster (who directed Little Man Tate and Home of the Holidays), who was one of the contenders at the time, has officially come on board the project. Carrey is gone. In his place… Mel Gibson?

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One of the few very best screenplays I have ever read was Kyle Killen‘s 2008 Black List topper, The Beaver. At the time I read it, Steve Carell was attached to star and Jay Roach was in talks to direct. Roach, I might ho-hum about but Carell struck me as an absolute perfect choice. Now it seems that both Carell and Roach have moved on and the producers are courting Jim Carrey for the lead. However, The Hollywood Reporter are suggesting that Carrey signing on is conditional on the contracting of a suitable director.

Who ever takes the lead role will in fact end up getting two lead roles. Not only will they be playing Walter, troubled father and husband and CEO of a stalling toy company, they will have to give voice to The Beaver, a glove pupper that Walter finds, starts to wear without pause, and adopts as a kind of avatar through which he carries out all of his communication. Almost all of the dialogue given to the lead actor throughout the entire screenplay will have to come from the Beaver, and be delivered in what Killen describes as a “crisp English accent”.

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Steve Carell May Soon Have His Hand in a Beaver

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Steve Carell is currently attached to The Beaver, a script by first-time writer Kyle Killen. The film’s plot describes a man who “walks around with a beaver puppet on his hand, treating it as something close to a human creature with human feelings.” Apparently the script has won rave reviews and “occupies the fantastical territory somewhere between Being John Malkovich and Lars and the Real Girl.”

It’s been an amazing past few years for Steve Carrell, who has proven he can deftly handle small roles in indie flicks (Little Miss Sunshine) and leading man status in big budget action comedies (Get Smart). And that’s not even mentioning his tremendous stint as Michael Scott on The Office, a character who he’s somehow managed to imbue with sympathy and humanity. Carell is planning on starring in one or two films when he’s on hiatus from The Office this spring. He’ll certainly have a wealth of projects to choose from, including The Adventures of Brigadier Gerard, Date Night, a Get Smart sequel, and now, potentially, The Beaver.

source: THR