Last week, The Dark Knight Rises got a sound thrashing at the hands of the Honest Trailer guys. This week, CinemaSins sets their sites on another of 2012’s big superhero films, The Amazing Spider-Man. Marc Webb‘s reboot was successful enough to warrant a currently-in-pre-production sequel, but many fans felt the story in the film was a tad illogical. After months and months of advertising an “untold story,” the only “untold story” was what happened during the movie.

Oddly enough, this video doesn’t even get into that. It just points out super nitpicky things. Still, it’s funny. Check it out below. Read More »


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There was no shortage of things to love about Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man, but perhaps the highlight was the budding romance between Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). The actors shared the kind of crackling chemistry that’s tough to fake, comfortable and sexy in all the right measures. (The stars themselves apparently agreed, sparking a real-life romance during their time together on set.) A clip from a screen test has just hit the web, making it crystal clear why Stone landed the gig.

Then, if that video has you eager to see more of the pair together, we have some good news about a possible IMAX-exclusive cut of the sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Watch the clip and read about the IMAX release after the jump.

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Much was made over the footage cut from Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man. The trailers featured shots that didn’t make the finished film, which isn’t all that unusual, but those shots were part of a plotline that tied Peter Parker’s father to the superhero Peter eventually becomes. That’s a relatively new thing for the Spidey mythos that made up “the untold story” promised in the early marketing.

Now there is a good collection of the deleted scenes, included among which is the shot of Irrfan Khan asking Parker “do you have any idea what you really are?” Check out the footage below. Read More »