Time-Traveling Show ‘Terra Nova’ Fills Out Cast

The last bits of casting are coming together for Terra Nova, the Fox show about a time-traveling family that is being exec produced by Steven Spielberg. For months we’ve known that Jason O’Mara would be the lead actor, as the father of a family that goes back in time to prehistoric Earth, and that Stephen Lang would play the military leader of the Terra Nova settlement they find upon arrival. The new casting is after the break. Read More »


The last time the TV show Wild Wild West was revamped, it resulted in an atrocious Barry Sonnenfeld film that stands as one of the more forgettable big-budget pictures of the ’90s. But the last time Ronald D. Moore revamped a show the result was the new Battlestar Galactica, which was better than anyone would ever have expected. So what will we get out of Mr. Moore’s new take on the classic Western show?

EW says the new Wild Wild West is in very early stages, with at least weeks before networks get a crack at buying it. The original show starred Robert Conrad and Ross Martin as Secret Service agents sent to patrol a territory in the Old West. What will this new one offer? With that setup there’s plenty of room for the mix of character, espionage and political commentary that made Battlestar Galactica so great.

After the break, Terra Nova gets a female lead, and Guillermo del Toro adds another possible project to his plate. Read More »


The Steven Spielberg-produced show Terra Nova is going through a few changes. It looks to be adding a notable actor, Stephen Lang, at the same time as it loses a key behind the scenes player in executive producer David Fury. Read More »

Terra Nova

Allison Miller (17 Again) has joined the Steven Spielberg-produced Fox sci-fi television series Terra Nova has been delayed. Variety reports that Miller will play Skye, a veteran Terra Nova resident who takes previously cast star Jason O’Mara‘s character’s son under her wing.

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Terra Nova

When the show was bumped from an announced panel at Comic-Con, we should have known something was up. The Steven Spielberg-produced Fox sci-fi television series Terra Nova has been delayed. Fox said today that the pilot episode won’t be ready until May 2011, back from the originally discussed Winter 2010 debut. Even worse, the actual series won’t premiere until Fall 2011. I’m assuming they’ll do a sneak preview of the pilot episode during next year’s Comic-Con, and maybe a wide sneak preview online or at a special date/time.

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Terra Nova

Briefly: Terra Nova, the upcoming Fox show that has Steven Spielberg as an exec producer, was originally going to be unveiled at an upcoming panel during the San Diego Comic Con. That will no longer happen. Why? The reason is pretty prosaic: the show doesn’t begin production until September, so there is no footage to deliver. At this point the show isn’t even fully cast; Jason O’Mara is the only name we know is in the cast.

Without footage, the panel would have to be built on revelations about the story and ‘ongoing mythology’ of the show, which the writers don’t want to cough up. EW relates that producer David Fury says “If we talk about the more interesting aspects of the show now, we’re afraid we’ll ruin the surprise for the audience. In this case, everything is moving along steadily, the script has been well-received. We just don’t have anything to wow anyone with. It’s still in the preliminary stage, It’s a huge undertaking.”

But Fury is happy to tease a few details of the show, which follows a family from 100 years in Earth’s future back into a prehistoric era. “There will be dinosaurs that have never been seen before…They’ve learned so much since the days of Jurassic Park.”

Julia Stiles

There has been a lot of talk about this over the past couple weeks, but now its official: Julia Stiles is part of the cast of Dexter‘s fifth season on Showtime. When originally rumored, there was no info on her role. Showtime’s official statement says she’ll appear in ten episodes of the next season as ” a mysterious young woman who forms a unique relationship with Dexter (Michael C. Hall) in the wake of” the end of the fourth season. I edited a season four spoiler out of that line, but if you’ve been following the show you can mentally insert the relevant info. [Deadline]

After the break, Iron Man 2 writer Justin Theroux gets Wanderlust, and Spielberg’s TV series Terra Nova may have a lead actor. Read More »

Terra Nova

A director has finally been hired for the pilot episode of the Steven Spielberg-produced Fox sci-fi television series Terra Nova: Alex Graves, who has helmed the pilots for The Whole Truth, Fringe and Journeyman, as well as directing episodes of Sports Night, The Practice, The West Wing and The Nine.

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Last week we heard that Chopper and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford director Andrew Dominik would direct Naomi Watts in Blonde, a biopic of Marilyn Monroe.

Now there’s already what appears to be the first image of Watts as Monroe, snapped at Cannes. Best guess is this is a photoshop comp based on a test photo of Watts in character. I’d still say Watts is too skinny to convincingly play Monroe, but this shows she has the attitude, and she can always do a little Raging Bull diet to push herself a little closer to the right build. See the full image at the end of this post. [Allocine, via The Playlist]

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Over the past few months we’ve started hearing about Terra Nova, a TV series for Fox with Steven Spielberg on board as one of the producers. The show has been said to involve time travel, dinosaurs and some other sci-fi elements. Few details have been known, and while we still don’t know a lot, there are a few new tidbits that have come to light just as Fox is on the threshold of announcing a series order. Read More »