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One of our favorite films at Sundance 2007 was Eagle vs. Shark (a film I tell people is Little Miss Sunshine meets Napoleon Dynamite). Well it looks like Eagle vs. Shark loves us back.

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Escape from Park City

So we’ve been on location in the famous little mountain town in Utah for almost two weeks now. We saw over 30 films in a 9-day period, can you even imagine?

But the Sundance Film Festival has come to an end. Our bags are packed are we will be returning to sunny California on Monday afternoon. So for those of you who have been wondering: Are they going to get back to the mainstream news and reviews, fear not. We will return shortly to the relm of comic book movies and romantic comedies. We’re still behind on our Sundance reviews, so also be sure to expect some more indie in the days to come.

Sundance: Starting Out in the Evening Movie Review

Starting out in the Evening

Andrew Wagner was at Sundance two years ago with his break-out film The Talent Given to Us. In his emotional introduction to Starting Out, he explained how he sat in the huge Eccles theater wishing to someday have a film of his own on the gigantic big screen. He couldn’t get anymore words out, he just tried to hold the tears back, for like two minutes. It was the most emotional Sundance moment I’ve seen in a while.

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Sundance: Snow Angels Movie Review

Snow Angels

I didn’t want to see Snow Angels at first. I was outside the first screening when a busload of people decided to walk out. “Terrible, Depressing” they said. But then in the days that followed I ran into a lot of people on the shuttles and at the theaters that were raving about the flick. But I still refused to believe it was good. I mean, how could a busload of people walk out and it be a great movie? Than one of my Sundance friends expressed the same opinion. And so far I’ve pretty much agreed with her on every movie thus far. But the only screening of Snow Angles that remained was during Grace is Gone, which is probably the biggest hyped film at the fest at this point in. So I had to see that instead.

I got up early, ran to the Library to get in through the wait list. Got my ticket, went inside and sat down. The theater wasn’t full. Sure, it was an early morning screening but this was Grace is Gone. So I had a conversation with the moviegoer next to me about how I expected this to be a full show because of all the hype. He agreed. And than the theater manager got up and introduced the director… David Gordon Green. And that’s when it hit me, Green didn’t direct Grace is Gone. And like fate I became imprisoned in a screening of Snow Angles. A movie I had no interest in seeing. A movie which had walk-outs and very mixed reviews. A movie which I loved.
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Sundance: Chapter 27 Movie Review

Chapter 27

“I believe in Holden Caulfield and what he was saying… What he was saying to a lost generation.”

Chapter 27 reenacts the final moments before Mark David Chapman murdered John Lennon. The title is a play on J.D. Salinger’s classic novel The Catcher in the Rye, which ends on chapter 26. Chapman related and modeled his life after the book’s main character Holden Caulfield.
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Sundance: On The Road with Judas

On The Road with judas

On The Road With Judas is a movie based on a book (of the same name) which stars actors playing characters playing characters from the book and actors playing actors playing characters from the book. Not only does the film timeshift, jumping through the years but it also jumps back and fourth between scenes and a talk show set where the actors and characters are being interviewed about the book which is being filmed as a movie. Confused? You haven’t seen or heard anything yet. Read More »

Sundance: Eagle vs. Shark Movie Review

Eagle vs. Shark

From Academy Award nominated director Taika Waititi (for his short film Two Cars, One Night) comes the best indie romantic comedy of all time.
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It is Fine! Everything is Fine.

In 2005, Chrispin Hellon Glover shocked the world with his artistic insanity with What is It? Two years later, Glover has returned to Sundance with part two: It is Fine! EVERYTHING IS FINE.
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Sundance: Trade Movie Review


Based on Peter Landesman’s 2004 New York Times Magazine cover story, Trade promised to be a Traffic-like expose on the sinister world where young virginal children are kidnapped and sold as sex slaves. Read More »

Sundance Parties: Wednesday, January 24th 2007

Sundance Closing Night Party 2006

Everyone wants to know where the new hot party is happening at Sundance. /Film will give you an indepth look at all the parties going on in and outside of Main Street every night of the festival.

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