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Here’s a curious revelation. The fine folks at Movieline noticed that, in a new TV spot for Shane Black‘s Iron Man 3, Ben Kingsley‘s voice as the Mandarin sounds radically different than it did in the latest theatrical trailer. It’s a much more straightforward delivery, with less affectation in the reading. Surely it’s impossible to judge a movie from its trailers or TV spots, which are all edited months before the final product reaches theaters, but the change mid-marketing is curious. Listen below and let us know what you think. Read More »


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Two New Suits Revealed From ‘Iron Man 3′

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The latest trailer for Iron Man 3 confirmed a rumor we’d been hearing for some time: That the reason Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) goes from the Mark VII in The Avengers to the Mark XLVII in Iron Man 3 is because he created 40 suits in between. We’ll probably see all (or most) of them in the film’s finale, and leading up to that, the film’s official Facebook has begun to reveal close-ups of the in-between armors.

So far, they’ve unlocked the Mark XXXIII, an “Enhanced Energy Suit” that Stark called “Silver Centurion” along with the Mark XL, a “Hyper Velocity Suit” called “Shotgun.” Check them out below. Read More »

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Much of the country is still experiencing that early-spring chill, but summer is just six weeks away. Or the Hollywood version of it is, anyway. Early May marks the start of this year’s crowded blockbuster season as Iron Man 3 lands in theaters.

Marvel’s been marketing the hell out of this movie (remember when we got a poster like every two days?) and this weekend they made a grab for the family crowd with two new efforts. The first is a new TV spot that aired during the Kids’ Choice Awards, featuring bursts of new footage, and the second is an Iron Man 3-themed monorail winding its way through Walt Disney World. Hit the jump to keep reading.

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What’s going on with Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, the Iron Patriot and Extremis in Iron Man 3? Marvel and Disney recently released a new series of interviews to help promote the film and, in them, producer Kevin Feige and star Gwyneth Paltrow were more than happy to talk about specific scenes and motivations in Shane Black‘s upcoming superhero film.

Some of this is territory that was covered a few weeks back but for anyone clamoring for more info on the first film of Marvel’s Phase 2, these quotes provide several more pieces to the puzzle. Read More »

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It’s been what, two weeks since the last Iron Man 3 poster was revealed? That kind of laziness simply won’t do. Fortunately, IMAX is here to save the day with a new poster featuring the whole gang. Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) and Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) clutch each other while supporting characters look on somberly, and little Iron Men fly around in the background.

All of it portends some serious drama, but most of us won’t know what exactly happens in the film for another several weeks. As part of the Marvel family, though, Joss Whedon got a little sneak peek. And according to studio head Kevin Feige, he had quite a reaction to the Iron Man 3 ending. Read about his comments and check out the new poster after the jump.

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Sony technology always shows up in films produced or financed by Sony Pictures — you can bet you’ll see some VAIO gear and Sony TVs in the Bond and Spider-Man movies, for instance. Other companies have deals with Hollywood to get good placement in movies, too.

Seems like Marvel Studios has a little deal with TV maker TCL. Some of the company’s products showed up in The Avengers, and now TCL has released its own Iron Man 3 trailer. It has a bit of new footage — nothing really Earth-shaking, but it might be enough to warrant a look if you’re eager to see everything that goes online from the shellhead sequel. Read More »

Sitting down with Robert Downey Jr. is as cool as you think it would be. The guy is smart, funny and comes off as incredibly open about, well, everything. So when a bunch of journalists got a chance to chat with the actor to discuss Iron Man 3, he gave us loads of information. How is Tony feeling post Avengers? Will there be an Iron Man 4 and how is Downey feeling at the end of his Marvel contract? Does he prefer being part of an ensemble or the lead? What kind of impact has Joss Whedon had on Phase 2? How is Iron Man 3 director Shane Black versus Iron Man 1 and 2 director Jon Favreau?

Downey Jr. brings up his own expectations for Iron Man 3, Oliver Stone and much more. It’s a fun, light read with the star of one of the biggest franchises on the planet. Read it below. Read More »

UPDATE: Apparently, the quote was misinterpreted. Abrams helped on the first Iron Man, not Iron Man 3. That’s been changed below.

Is there anything J.J. Abrams isn’t doing? Star Trek? Check. Star Wars? Check. Television shows? Check. Video games? Maybe. And now, it seems he even might have had a minor influence on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In a new interview with Robert Downey Jr. (not ours, that’ll be up Thursday) Downey revealed that, in the same way he and director Jon Favreau talked to Shane Black for some help in the first Iron Man film, the group contacted also Abrams for some suggestions on the third act of the original Iron Man. Read the quote below. Read More »

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