Details about Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus have been kept under such tight wraps that after years of reporting on the project, we still don’t have a whole lot of specifics on what it’s actually about. Even the official synopsis posted by Fox a few months back gave away next to nothing in terms of plot; it confirmed only that the film would be a “science fiction epic” about a group of characters taking some kind of journey to an unspecified world.

So we’re very intrigued to see that a new synopsis has been unveiled, which gives away just a little bit more about the storyline and may confirm an earlier rumor. Read more after the jump.

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It’s good to have a little actual news to report about Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus after a week of rumors about whether or not we’ll see certain elements from Alien showing up in the film. The latest word is that three cast members have been added to work alongside Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender: Idris Elba, Sean Harris and Kate Dickie are all onboard. Read More »