It started with Guillermo Del Toro, moved onto Duncan Jones, Zach Snyder and now the latest director to be chosen for Mondo’s Director Series is Wes Craven. The man responsible for creating two of the most enduring horror franchises of all time, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream, has the fourth film in the latter series hitting theaters on Friday and, to celebrate, artist Alex Pardee has immortalized Craven’s two most influential films. Later artists will create posters for other Craven films Swamp Thing, The Last House of the Left and The Hills Have Eyes. (What? No My Soul To Take poster?)

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Ghostface Scream

Update: /Film reader David points out that the actor in question is currently filming a movie called “Home Run Derby outside of Detroit, which you know isn’t that far away. I would take it, that two friends just met up since they were in the same area.” I’m betting this is the case.

Previously, it has been reported that original Scream cast members Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette and even Roger L. Jackson, the voice actor who provides the creepy voice of Ghostface, were set to return for the latest installment Scream 4. Todays rumors spread across the interwebs that another original cast member might have a role in the new film. The rumor could be a portential spoiler, so I’m keeping it after the jump. If you want to know more, hit read more!

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Burger King: Chucky

Dubai-based advertising agency Tonic were asked to communicate that Burger King stays open until the wee hours of the morning, and the resulting advertising features some of horror’s favorite villains.

Thomas and Kris came up with the following campaign showing the villains of the night that we know all to well, enjoying their favourite meal after a umm night out. The ads were shot in South Africa and Dubai by French photographer Ben Dauchez and retouched by Thomas himself. A job well done! The series comprises of four ads which will run in press and outdoor.

Above you can see Chucky from the Child’s Play movies. Check out some of the other ads in the campaign, featuring Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, Jason from Friday the 13th and Ghostface from Scream.

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Over the last few months, it’s been revealed that the first entry in the new Scream trilogy, aka Scream 4, is set in Sidney Prescott’s hometown roughly a decade after Scream 3. And contrary to old rumors, the first film will not be in 3D. Courtney Cox and David Arquette were signed to reprise their roles from the get-go, and following a prolonged declination, Neve Campbell signed much to the relief of writer/creator, Kevin Williamson. (He had expressed dismay on Twitter at rewriting the trilogy without her). The final puzzle piece, Wes Craven, remains in talks to direct, which is arguably the most important to its success besides the script(s).

But that still leaves doubt as to whether Williamson—who’s had renewed Dawson’s Creek-like success with the CW’s Vampire Diariesstill possesses an irreverent sensibility to update the franchise for a contemporary world of tailspin pop culture and younger, less established horror tropes. Williamson has now revealed several of his influences for the first film, and expressed the complexity of achieving the right tone…

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scream 4 casting

Talk of a fourth movie in the Scream series has been going on for quite a while now. Last I heard, Kevin Williamson was has been developing a screenplay (or trilogy of new films, depending on what source you read), that would reboot the series. Entertainment Weekly is now reporting that Courtney Cox Arquette and David Arquette have been approached about reprising their roles as Gale Weathers and Dwight “Dewey” Riley. No deals have been signed just yet.

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Rumor: Kevin Williamson Writing New Scream Trilogy?


RopesOfSilicon received an anonymous email which contained a screenshot from the William Morris Agency Intranet (basically, the internal internet of Hollywood’s top talent agency). The screenshot shows a company email announcing that original Scream scribe Kevin Williamson has signed on to script a new trilogy of Scream films for The Weinstein Co. It should be noted that we’re not sure if this is real or fake, but we’ve heard rumblings for some time that The Weinstein Co wanted to make another Scream film. But three Scream films? Especially in this down economy? You never know, horror always sells — look at how much Lionsgate makes off the Saw franchise year after year. But for right now lets mark this as rumor.

If Weinstein Co does launch a new Scream film, I would expect it to be more of a reboot than sequel, possibly with some of the original players coming back in some cameo capacity. The thing I liked about the original Scream was the meta aspect of it all. Having a horror movie in a world where the characters have seen all the horror moves, and playing off the conventions of the genre in fun anc clever ways. The sequels suffered from being even more meta, with the characters discussing a movie basd on the events of the original film, and introducing actors who played some of the actors from that original film. The whole thing got confusing, unrelatable and pretty dumb. I would hope that if they do a next film, it would be set in a more reality based world than the Scream sequels, and reference real horror movies instead of the Stab series.

Oh Scream. And Scream 2. (And Scream 3.) You were released in such simple times, back when Kevin Williamson was a household name, teen couples giggled at David Arquette’s quirkiness (autism?), and the name, Rose McGowan, didn’t conjure ripped photos and fire. Like college loans, “journalism,” and forgotten faces from spring break, will you now come back to haunt us? Buried in today’s monster press release announcing the power-force marriage between The Weinstein Co. and Showtime is this “upcoming releases” nugget for TWC’s Dimension Films

“re-starting the “Scream” franchise with Scream 4…”

Back in 2007, Slashfilm entertained a fourth film in the franchise, complete with a mock-up poster, only to mark through the entire post when the rumors were simply that. If memory recalls, Wes Craven directed all three films (none of which tanked or categorically sucked), Neve Campbell’s character, Sidney, survived, and I think Jenny McCarthy’s character, um, didn’t survive. Jamie Kennedy also died, alas, his career kept walking. Here’s an old quote from Craven regarding a hypothetical Scream 4

“I think everything has already been told within the first three movies and I don’t want to make the one more that would be the wrong one. And second because Dimension won’t really be interested in contacting me right now just after the troubles we had on Cursed.”

Cursed!?! If further Scream 4 news is never announced, we’ll gladly toss this post into a Ziplock bag and throw it up in the attic next to our sister’s Party of Five soundtrack.

Discuss: Scream: The Next Generation with iPhones, Twitter and Barack Obama? Oh, and sorry about those mega-spoilers.

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