I haven’t been keeping up with Saturday Night Live this season, but a flurry of SNL-related tweets last night piqued my interest. Actress Sigourney Weaver hosted last evening’s show, which featured three separate Avatar-related sketches. James Cameron even stopped by to tout his next “game-changing” film, Laser Cats 5. Whether or not you think the clips are funny, what’s undeniable is that Weaver and Cameron are both excellent sports (Plus, it was worth it just to hear Weaver, playing herself, scream “I should slap her in her bitch mouth…I’m Sigourney freaking Weaver!!!”) Clips are embedded via Hulu after the jump.
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On this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, the digital short was a Twilight spin-off parody titled Firelight. What happens when a high school girl falls in love with a reanimated green jock and two worlds collide? This is probably one of the funniest Twilight parodies I’ve seen. Watch it now after the jump.
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SNL to Make MacGruber Movie?


Saturday Night Live hasn’t produced a big screen movie in almost ten years (unless you somehow count Mean Girls, Hot Rod or Baby Mama, which were produced by Lorne Michaels). And probably for good reason. SNL hasn’t been relevant for nearly a decade, but in recent years has gotten a new life thanks to among other things, the addition of The Lonely Island crew.

And there was a short period of time when a Saturday Night Live movie wasn’t a bad thing. It’s hard to look beyond all the Ladies Mans, Superstars, Coneheads and Night at the Roxburys to see the one good film like Wayne’s World. And with a track record like that, should Saturday Night Live return to the motion picture business? Lorne Michaels tells The Hollywood Reporter that a feature film based on MacGruber is being considered.

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Last Saturday Night—as countless unseen choppers flew overhead—a pair of maracas suddenly appeared in the capable hands of host Will Ferrell. Like magic. They gathered: Tom Hanks (on sax!), Paul Rudd, Anne Hathaway, Peggy and fellow SNL vets like Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Norm MacDonald (!), and Artie Lange (in jeans. Wait, wth?). Not to mention, a band best known for “Longview.”

Ferrell, knee-deep in a yuppie’s faux-VietNam flashback, lead one and all in a touching rendition of Billy Joel‘s wartime classic “Goodnight Saigon.” The meaning behind the lyrics, “Yes, we would all go down together,” in terms of the show’s legacy, its cast future and past, and our shaky times is subjective. But most everyone will agree that the sketch ended the 34th season on a categorically awesome note. Ferrell was in the zone. At this point, he probably bathes there.

One request from /Film for the 35th season: Hire more guys who have to shave. At least once a week. Enough with the good private school genes already. Also, a poll pitting Ferrell’s “Goodnight Saigon” against 3o Rock‘s lame shark-ramp “Kidney, Now!”? Boo.

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Rumors continue to circulate that Sarah Palin will appear on Saturday Night Live to combat Tina Fey‘s gosh darn perfect impression of her. No official confirmation as of yet. The Chicago Sun-Times parlays that in lieu of a rerun this Saturday, Palin may pop up on the first Weekend Update prime time special, airing this Thursday at 9:30 p.m. EST on NBC: “some sort of Palin tweak of Fey’s American Express commercials is [rumored to be] in the works.” We think it would be more appropriate if Palin teamed up with Mark Wahlberg to talk to a moose and then winked it to death in front of a live and horrified studio audience. Meanwhile, Vulture reports that SNL‘s Congress-skewering bailout sketch has been yanked from Hulu and, possibly igniting a censorship controversy.

In semi-related TV news, the NY Post reports that John McCain may reschedule a much publicized and abruptly canceled appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman for mid-October.

Discuss: Do you think SNL should have Palin on? If so, what should happen?

VOTD: Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals

Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals

The Pitch: In this clip from Saturday Night Live, Mark Wahlberg (imitation by Andy Samberg) talks with Animals.

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This is the second Saturday Night Live digital short I’ve posted on Slashfilm, but at the risk of “Andy Samberg man-crush, much?” accusations, it’s worth it. Jonah Hill, who hosted last weekend, absolutely slays here as his semi-self, as does SNL writer/actor James Downey as “Andy’s Dad.” Serious yuks. And Bill Hader nearly steals the bit in seconds. Watch it below.

Discuss: If 600 puppies jumped into your arms and tried to kiss you all at once, would you have laughed harder?


Last night’s Saturday Night Live was pretty good, with the cast managing to maintain its surprising post-strike energy and wit. Host Amy Adams needed to be sedated though, anyone else notice? The highlight was a new superhero-spoofing SNL Digital Short starring cast member Andy Samberg entitled Hero Song.

Playing a Big Apple yuppie who is increasingly distressed over the city’s rising (and totally inexistent) crime wave, Samberg’s voice builds and crescendos like Gerard McMann’s ’80s smash “Cry Little Sister” from The Lost Boys soundtrack. Even better however is when his faux-empathetic yuppie decides to become a superhero while shouting the lines, “And so I rise from the ashes, the people need a superheroooooo, someone to save them” from a cliche rooftop. His costume pays homage to Chris O’Donnell’s completely homoerotic Robin from Batman and Robin, and also pays homage to a shiny, deflated party balloon. Let’s just say this guy gets what he deserves. New Yorkers will be especially satisfied.

Discuss: Who was a bigger wanker, this guy or O’Donnell’s Robin?

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