Someone sent us some new photos from Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales. But first some news for Mandy Moore fans: A month ago Mandy Moore made a comment, wondering if she still appeared in the movie, after director Richard Kelly announced that the film had undergone major reedits:

“I play The Rock’s wife in the movie, if I’m still in the movie at all,” Moore told Sci-Fi. “They had to cut it down so much, and maybe they just cut out my character altogether.”

Mandy Moore fans need not worry, Kelly has confirmed:

“Mandy Moore is still very much in the film… and very little of her role was cut.”

Okay, now for the photos. The first one can be seen above the news story and shows Justin Timberlake and is titled “All These Things I’ve Done”. We’ll continue with more after the jump.

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TMNT PosterI remember buying my first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic book as a young kid. This was before the old television show, the art was in black and white, and it wasn’t necessarily for children. I’ve grown up with this franchise through it’s many incarnations: the first cartoon series, the first movie and it’s subsequent sequels, the toys, the TMNT rock band (yes, they traveled the country in Turtle outfits) and of course the new cartoon series (I somehow missed the live-action television show).

TMNT is yet a new revisiting of the Turtle series. If you’ve never encountered the franchise before, you may be stuck wondering, “what’s going on.” The prologue doesn’t explain much of anything, but is long enough to make you wonder how bad the film is going to be. But fear not, after the first initial ten minutes, the movie picks up into an action and story packed storyline which will entertain fans of the series.
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New production stills and concept drawings from Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales have made their way onto the internet. We have a look at them below, but be warned, there are spoilers. As always, left click for higher resolution.
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Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales seeks More Money

Southland Tales

We’ve been anxiously awaiting Richard Kelly’s follow-up to Donnie Darko for a while now. An early cut of the movie premiered at Cannes 2006 to negative reviews, and not much has been heard from the film since. Kelly posted an update on his MySpace blog, claiming that they are still waiting for money to finish the visual effects.
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