JJ Abrams Novel S

As attention spans shrink and the written word becomes more obsolete, the modern novel is facing a problem similar to movie theaters. How can we make reading a physical book essential? One possible suggestion is provide content that needs to be touched, and J.J. Abrams‘ latest idea is just that.

After a few teases we finally have our look at S, a novel conceived by Abrams and written by Doug Porst. Much like┬áMark Z. Danielewski’s amazing House of Leaves and a number of other books that have gone before, S is a novel with a secondary story happening in between the lines, as multiple previous readers interact at the same time.

Confused? Boing Boing has an unboxing video which takes us through the pages of the beautiful package. Check it out below. Read More »


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A few weeks ago, Bad Robot released a trailer for a new project from J.J. Abrams. It was called Stranger, and the nature of the thing wasn’t known at the time, but the trailer was interesting enough to get a lot of attention. (The involvement of Abrams didn’t hurt.)

At the time, a few people thought the trailer was likely for a book called S., from Doug Dorst, co-created with Abrams. Now a new video confirms that ID, and gives us a bit more to chew on. The project is something of a multi-media deal, as the novel features all sorts of notes and inserts that layer the story.

The new trailer is pretty great; it looks like something that could easily be a new X-Files episode. Check it out below. Read More »