Richard Pryor Biopic

A biopic about legendary comedian Richard Pryor has been developing long enough that Eddie Murphy was once considered for the lead role, but has since been hired to play the father of the iconic comic, who will instead be played by Mike Epps. The project finally seemed like it was on track to make it in front of cameras with Lee Daniels at the helm, but the filmmaker behind The Butler and Precious has now fallen away from the project, leaving it without a director.

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Bill Condon had his biopic Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said? in development at The Weinstein Company, but they put it into turnaround so now Condon has attached Eddie Murphy as star and gone out to court the studios for a new deal. Condon previously threatened to relaunch Murphy’s acting career (as in actual acting) with his Oscar nominated part in Dreamgirls – this was ultimately an idle threat, as it happens, but perhaps they’ll follow through this time.

According to Nicole Sperling at EW, Fox Searchlight are definitely interested in the Pryor project though they have (zzz zzz zzz) refused to comment officially. By this time tomorrow we’ll know more, I’m sure.

There’s one particular story about Pryor that I’d absolutely love to see in the film, though it sadly doesn’t seem entirely likely… let me tell you the tale now, anyway…

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