There are a great many comic books being adapted to film these days, and it’s easy to get lost as you wade through the sea of adaptations, potential projects and also-ran efforts. But a good cast will get and keep my attention every time, and the lineup for Red, Robert Schwentke‘s adaptation of the Warren Ellis-penned comic book. The cast was already stellar, and now a few more excellent names have been added. Ernest fucking Borgnine? That’s crazy! He’s 92! Read More »

First Look: Leaves of Grass

Leaves of Grass

The first production photos from Leaves of Grass have premiered on the Toronto Film Festival website. The firlm is written, directed and produced by Tim Blake Nelson, starring Edward Norton as Bill Kincaid, an Ivy League classics professor, who “returns to rural Oklahoma to bury his dangerously brilliant identical twin brother, only to discover that the brother he believes to have been murdered has lured him home to involve him in a doomed plot against a local drug lord.  Before Bill can flee, he’s implicated in a murder, and his life has become completely unraveled, suggesting that no rational philosophy can protect us from life’s twists and dangers.

Bill Kincaid, an Ivy League classics professor, who returns to rural Oklahoma to bury his dangerously brilliant identical twin brother who had remained in their native state to grow hydroponic pot. The official plot synopsis says that “Leaves of Grass is a fast-paced comic film that contrasts two distinct approaches to life.” You will see in the photo above that Norton plays both of the twins. The film co-stars Susan Sarandon, Keri Russell, Melanie Lynskey, Maggie Siff and Richard Dreyfuss, some of wholm you can see in additional production photos included after the jump.

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This summer, /Film considered traveling to the set of Piranha 3-D. Witnessing unlikely co-stars Richard Dreyfuss, Christopher Lloyd, Adam Scott, and completely naked bimbos battling (or getting devoured by) killer fish at the command of horror director Alex Aja is what the season is all about, no? Alas, it wasn’t meant be to be. The STD-insurance alone in the spring break hotspot of Lake Havasu, Arizona—where the film is shooting and set—is friggin’ outrageous. After informing us that we were not worthy, Piranha 3-D co-star and Human Giant comedian, Paul Scheer, offered up lots of funny, obscene and insane deets about next March’s horror flick. He also sent over this exclusive photo of his morally bankrupt character.

At times, our conversation went off the record into darker territory—a la shark viscera spilling onto a pier—but much is said below about a production that aspires to be the goriest and craziest 3-D movie ever. Paul discussed his role (it required method-acting and method-oogling), the precise amount of blood (a shit ton), Lake Havasu memories, and why Richard Dreyfuss’s sage character will seem, erm, pretty damn familiar. Chomp, chomp, chomp…

Hunter Stephenson: So Paul, I assume you wanted to do a broad family film and then you were offered Piranha 3-D. It was a matter of good timing, serendipitous.

Paul Scheer: [laughs] Yeah, well, I was trying to get Imagine That Too off the ground, where I become Eddie Murphy’s brother, and have my own adventure with my daughter. It was actually crazy, because when I first heard about this movie, it was like, “Elizabeth Shue is in Piranha 3-D, she’s awesome!” And then, you know, the title sounds cool and it sounds campy…

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Richard Dreyfuss Joins Alex Aja’s Piranha 3D


We’ve been anticipating writer/director Alex Aja‘s revamp of Joe Dante‘s delectable Piranha for what seems like light years now. But the wait for his schlock-tastic  Piranha 3D would appear to be worth it, what with a snarky badass like Adam Scott (Step Brothers, Party Down) starring in the lead. Today, Page Six confirmed that The Weinstein Company has also brought on Richard Dreyfuss, the man who previously battled Jaws, a lame Opus, liverspots, and CHUD, for an unspecified role. Fits like a geek glove.

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Two New Photos From Oliver Stone’s W.

Liosngate has released a couple new production photos from Oliver Stone‘s George W. Bush biopic – W. The photo above shows George W. Bush (Josh Brolin, front) playing with his two dogs, Barney and Spot, on the White House lawn, as Karl Rove (Toby Jones) comes up with evil schemes on his blackberry (we can only assume).

The behind the scenes photo above shows Oliver Stone (standing, center) directing a scene in a facsimile of the White House situation room with (left to right, seated) Condoleezza Rice (Thandie Newton), Donald Rumsfeld (Scott Glenn), George Tenet (Bruce McGill), George W. Bush (Josh Brolin, seated on table), Colin Powell (Jeffrey Wright) and Dick Cheney (Richard Dreyfuss). Click on the images to enlarge. W. hits theaters on October 17th 2008.

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W. Movie Trailer

Lionsgate has released a final trailer for Oliver Stone’s W, which is basically an extended version of the recent tv spots. I think this is a vast improvement over the teaser trailer, because you get a much better understanding of the comedic/dramtic tone of the film. The juxtaposition of the war images with Bush’s stupidity is pure Stone. I also love how they call George Bush Sr. “Poppy”. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Official Plot Synopsis:
Whether you love him or hate him, there is no question that George W. Bush is one of the most controversial public figures in recent memory. In an unprecedented undertaking, acclaimed director Oliver Stone is bringing the life of our 43rd President to the big screen as only he can. W takes viewers through Bush’s eventful life — his struggles and triumphs, how he found both his wife and his faith, and of course the critical days leading up to Bush’s decision to invade Iraq.

Cast: Josh Brolin, James Cromwell, Ellen Burstyn, Elizabeth Banks, Toby Jones, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Scott Glenn, Ioan Gruffud, Richard Dreyfuss, Jesse Bradford

W. hits theaters on October 17th 2008.

With potential for yet another mind-shattering Republican satire hanging in the balance, Vanity Fair has published the first look at the entire 2003 cabinet in Oliver Stone‘s W. There’s a good overall likeness, sure, but I dig the quirky soap opera-esque caricature Stone seems to be shooting for. What better way to portray the walking jokes and greedy, delusional scumbugs that raped my early 20s?

(L to R) Jeffrey Wright is General Colin Powell, Toby Jones is Karl Rove (even more imp-like), Dennis Boutsikaris is Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Dreyfuss is Dick Cheney (my second fave douche-likeness), Josh Brolin is George W. Bush

(L to R) Thandie Newton is Condoleezza Rice (nice Gremlin eyes), Rob Corddry is Ari Fleischer (my fave), Bruce McGill is George Tenet (smug, much), Scott Glenn is Donald Rumsfeld (theory: doesn’t deserve any likeness)

And here’s a new image we never got around to posting. Pee-wee’s Big Adventure x Sling Blade? Economy permitting, Oliver Stone’s W. opens this October.

via The Playlist / JoBlo

You special kids can stop meddlin’ with your mashed potatoes because the last major bit of casting on Oliver Stone‘s W. is close to a done deal: ass tamale Richard Dreyfuss will play elusive veep Dick Cheney. Wow. There wasn’t any question that Stone was going for the president’s jugular with this biopic, but Dreyfuss adds a bubbly new layer of vitriolic spittle. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dubbya chews dip, in both color and Stone’s signature b&w psycho-vision, for the entire running time. Wait, does one chew dip? I guess one dips it.

Moreover, SAG has shined its light on W., giving the Lionsgate production a waiver that allows filming to proceed if/when the strike goes down this summer. Like a ‘roided bull backing into a stable, it seems W. will arrive in theaters this October no matter what, right before the election (oh, that’s not over yet?). And according to the Hollywood Reporter (no linkage) a DVD release is purposely scheduled for Bush’s exit in January. That’s the sound of Indy’s whip!

Dreyfuss joins Josh Brolin as Dubbya, Elizabeth Banks as the smilin’ First Lady, Thandie Newton as Condoleezza Rice, Rob Corddry as Ari Fleischer (\m/), Scott Glenn as Donald Rumsfeld, Ellen Burstyn as Barbara Bush, James Cromwell as Poppa Bush, Jeffrey Wright as Colin Powell, Toby Jones as Karl Rove, and America as Captain Happypants.

Discuss: Who was your choice for Cheney? Does Dreyfuss top it? How successful do you think W. will be at the domestic box office? Is the end near? What will Bush do after he leaves office?

Tin Man Trailer

Tin Man

A trailer/advertisement for the Sci-Fi Channel mini-series Tin Man is now online. The story is a based on Lyman Frank Baum’s classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

A fierce tornado rips DG (a re-imagined Dorothy Gale), a rebellious young waitress from Omaha, and deposits her with a shocking bump on “the other side.” The once-beautiful “Outer Zone” (Oz) has been zapped into a frigid and decaying wasteland.

Aided by her Longcoat storm troopers and winged Mobat (monkey-bat) spies, Sorceress Azkadellia (The Wicked Witch of the West) has seixed power from her own mother, as part of a nefarious plot-to suck the souls out of her minions and harness the energy to jump the gap between her world and the “other side”-a place called Earth. And of course, DG is the only person who can halt Azkadellia’s twisted master plan.

The special effects, in true miniseries fashion, aren’t good enough for prime time. But the film has a great all-star cast (Zooey Deschanel, Alan Cumming, Richard Dreyfuss), and features an interesting and unique take on a classic story. I’m a sucker for anything featuring Deschanel, and Tin Man looks strange but interesting. Check out the advertisement after the jump.

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Remember that cool Darth Vader voice changing helmet from a couple years back? Well now they’ve announced a Transformers Optimus Prime voice changing helmet. This isn’t quite as cool, but it’s definitely more geeky.

Sneak a peak at the new CARS Race Rally ride, which is being built at the Walt Disney Studios Park in France.

We were huge fans of the Oscar-nominated doc Deliver Us From Evil. Well director Amy Berg is going to direct her first narrative feature This is Not America. Based on a real story, the movie follows a Yupi’k American Indian girl taken from her Alaskan family in the 1960s and sent to a series of foster care homes in a government-run “Americanization” campaign. Sounds interesting.

The Sixth Sense director M. Night Shyamalan is pissing even more people off. He won a court ruling to put up a fence around his Philadelphia, Pennsylvania estate. As it turns out, his neighbors complained to local officials that it looked awful and hurt property values in the area. Shyamalan just wanted to keep the deer out.

Richard Dreyfuss is joining to SCI-Fi Channel miniseries Tin Man. The six-hour series stars Zooey Deschanel and Alan Cumming in a fantasy retelling of The Wizard of Oz. Dreyfuss will play a wizard known as the Mystic Man. Deschanel plays DG, a young woman thrust into the Outer Zone. Cumming plays Glitch, an odd man missing half his brain who becomes one of a trio of companions who joins DG on her journey. You had me at Zooey.