One of the more interesting-looking movies of the fall is Mark Romanek‘s adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro‘s novel Never Let Me Go. The trailer arrived recently, and it makes the picture look elegant and puzzling — just the sort of gorgeous enigma that could be an antidote to the increasingly terrible movies of summer 2010. With a cast that includes Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield, Sally Hawkins and more, the film, written by Alex Garland, has a good collection of talent. Can’t wait to see it, frankly.

Originally the film was set for a limited October 1 opening, with a couple weeks of expansion to follow. Now the picture will bow on September 15. That pulls it out of direct competition with Let Me In and The Social Network, the latter of which could end up being competition for the adult audience Never Let Me Go will rely upon. Hopefully this will be a good move for the film, rather than one that sees it lost among the opening salvo of fall fare and the chaos of coverage from the Toronto Film Festival.

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Shock has learned that the M. Night Shyamalan-produced supernatural thriller The Night Chronicles: Devil will hit theaters on September 17th 2010, up from the announced February 11th 2011 date.  Also, Fox Searchlight has moved Mark Romanek‘s big screen adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro‘s novel Never Let Me Go from October 1st 2010 to September 15th 2010 andWarner Bros has moved Catherine Hardwicke‘s fairy tale adaptation turned gothic dramatic thriller Red Riding Hood from April 22nd 2011 to March 11th 2011.

. More information on both films, after the jump.

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This isn’t a gag: Pierce Brosnan and his son Sean Brosnan are teaming up to co-star in a film called Bonded, which will see them in an “Oliver Twist-esque” thriller based on a story that took place in California in the early ’90s.

Mo Ramchandani directs and wrote the script about “a Mexican teenager called Jesus who, after the death of his mother, is sold by his father and smuggled into America, where he’s forced to work as a bonded slave labourer in a Los Angeles sweatshop.” There he befriends a young woman who is soon sold into sexual slavery, leading Jesus to attempt to rescue her. Both Brosnans will play cops. [The Wrap]

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