The release date for Real Steel is still a few weeks away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about a sequel, right? Director Shawn Levy has revealed a few ideas he’s playing with for the potential follow-up, which John Gatins, who scripted the first film, has already been tapped to write.

Set in a future where human boxing has been rendered obsolete by the advent of robot boxing, the first Real Steel follows fighter-turned-promoter Charlie (Hugh Jackman) as he builds and trains a droid for a championship match that may just be Charlie’s last chance to prove himself. So, where do we go from there? Read Levy’s (non-spoiler-y) thoughts on a possible sequel after the jump.

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If you’re into movies about fighting, the currently in-theaters Warrior is well-worth your time and money. But if movies about fighting robots are more your speed, you only have a few more weeks to wait until Real Steel finally hits the big screen. Hugh Jackman stars in the Shawn Levy‘s action film about a future where human boxers have been replaced by robots. Jackman plays a past-his-prime fighter who gets back into the game when he and his estranged son find and train a new robot for competition. It’s scheduled for release in regular theaters and IMAX on October 7 and you can get a great look at a bunch of those robots on some new posters and a viral clip. Check them out after the jump. Read More »

On July 4th 2010, I sat in a former Model T Ford factory in Detroit. The huge building was transformed into a futuristic make-shift boxing arena — The Crash Palace (seen above), filled with hundreds of punk-styled boxing fans, covering the floors to the rafters. I sat in front of a huge monitor off to the side, observing what was being filmed in the boxing ring in front of me.

As Shawn Levy filmed his movie that is set in the future, I realized that the future was happening right in front of me. I visit a lot of movie sets, and while each is very different, the production is usually very similar. This is one of the few times I knew I was watching something new as I sat on set. On the monitor, one robot was slugging it out with another mechanical fighter. What’s remarkable about this situation is that the ring was completely empty.

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I know I’m in the minority when I go on and on and about how excited I am for Real Steel. Most of you see Shawn Levy‘s name, some robots fighting in the ring and think “Rock Em, Sock Em Robots” the movie. And come October 7, maybe you’ll be right. But I see Transformers meets Rocky. The Terminator meets The Champ. C-3PO vs. R2-D2. I see the potential of a sci-fi action movie coupled with the predictable, yet effective, heart of a underdog sports movie. This latest featurette, called “Main Event,” gives us a good sense of that and also shows how Levy captured the motion of the robots fighting using real life boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard. Check out the clip, featuring stars Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly and Anthony Mackie, after the jump. Read More »

‘Real Steel’ Japanese Trailer

Leave it to Japan to deliver a trailer for the robot boxing movie Real Steel that is full of new footage. Shawn Levy directs Hugh Jackman as a washed-up boxer who ‘coaches’ giant mechanical boxers. Given custody of his son (Dakota Goyo) he has to face up to his responsibilities as a father, all while building up a new robot that can win, Rocky-style, in the ring. Check out the Japanese trailer for the October 7 release after the break. Read More »

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Daniel Radcliffe, George Clooney and a robot arm are all ready for their close up. Three new posters for anticipated 2011 releases popped up online today, all utilizing a large, singular image. There’s the arm rising up from a knockout for Shawn Levy‘s robot boxing film Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly and Anthony Mackie opening October 7, a gruff and tough Harry Potter, ready to finish his feud with Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Part Two, directed by David Yates, starring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and pretty much everyone else who has been in a previous Potter movie. It opens July 15. Then George Clooney enjoys Hawaii in Alexander Payne‘s highly anticipated December 16 release, The Descendants. Check out the posters after the jump. Read More »

‘Real Steel’ Trailer

Excuse me, let me get rid of these goosebumps and present you with the full trailer for Shawn Levy‘s rock ’em sock ’em robot movie Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman. The film, scheduled for release October 7, has such good buzz at DreamWorks that they’re already writing a sequel and – from this trailer, it’s easy to see why. Does it look cheesy and predictable? Most definitely. But most sports movies are like that. This one just happens to have big ass robots beating the crap out of each other centered around a nice father and son relationship. While trailer #1 played up the action, trailer #2 plays up the story and characters making Real Steel look like The Champ meets Transformers. Check out the the new trailer after the jump. Read More »

Screenwriter Hired For ‘Real Steel’ Sequel

DreamWorks is evidently pretty happy with Shawn Levy‘s robot boxing movie Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman. The film doesn’t open until October 7, but the studio has just hired a screenwriter to get a sequel moving. There’s a lot of work left to go before the second film will really happen, but this is certainly an indication of confidence in the first. Read More »

It is the second day at CinemaCon, the Las Vegas based movie theater convention formerly known as ShoWest. This morning DreamWorks Studios held their presentation, showcasing footage and talent from Steven Spielberg‘s War Horse, Shawn Levy‘s Real Steel, Craig Gillespie‘s remake of Fright Night and the big screen adaptation of The Help. After the jump you can watch a video blog I recorded with Steve from Collider, giving our spoiler-free reactions of the footage screened.

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Call me crazy (and you have) but I’m really looking forward to Shawn Levy‘s robot-boxing action film Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly and Anthony Mackie. Ever since DreamWorks released the first teaser trailer, I’ve been uncharacteristically excited for this film, which follows a retired fighter on the rise in the new world of robot boxing. Combining science fiction, action and sports, for some reason I just think Real Steel could be incredibly fun.

Though the film won’t hit theaters until October 7, a viral marketing campaign has already begun. A website launched with a detailed back story on the World Robot Boxing league that’s featured in the movie and, with a little digging, the site premiered two short, but sweet, rock ’em sock ’em robot clips. Check them out and more after the break. Read More »