Is killer tire movie Rubber, the last film from Quentin Dupieux (aka Mr. Oizo) incredibly pretentious or pure fun wacky silliness? I go with the latter, though I guess I can see why the very self-aware film could rub some people the wrong way and lead to an accusation of pretension. I’m all for Dupieux taking his particular approach to filmmaking, however, as we’ve got more than enough super-serious horror films. Rubber made me laugh, a lot, and that was all that mattered in the end.

Dupieux has finished his next film, which is called Wrong, and which is about a man’s search for his dog. But just as Rubber wasn’t a typical horror/sci-fi film, Wrong doesn’t look at all typical. We’ve seen one teaser trailer that shows off some of what we can expect out of the movie, and now here’s a minor clip in anticipation of the film’s Sundance debut. Check it out below. Read More »

By now many of you have had ample opportunity to check out Rubber, the movie from Quentin Dupieux that hit last year. Yeah, the one about the sentient tire that develops psychic powers and uses them to blow the heads off animals and people. I liked Rubber a lot — thought it was funny and entertaining in a simple, almost too-self aware way — and have been looking forward to his next movie.

Dupieux has been at work on a relatively secretive follow-up, called Wrong. The movie is in the Sundance 2012 lineup, as announced not long ago, competing in the World Cinema program. To go along with that formal announcement, here’s the teaser trailer for Wrong.

I’ll be honest: just going off this footage I have no idea what the hell is going on in this movie. But it has William Fichtner sporting facial scars and something like a rattail; Steve Little (Eastbound and Down) looking like a perfectly slouchy detective, and Jack Plotnick, the Accountant from Rubber, in perhaps a central role. Check it out below. Read More »

It can’t be all that easy to sell a movie about a killer tire, but Magnet is really making an effort with Quentin Dupieux‘s movie Rubber, which has played several festivals over the last nine months and is available On Demand as of this past weekend. (Check out the trailer here.)

One of the best ways to sell it might be to key in on the simple stuff, like women and the sense of strange that pervades the movie. We’ve already seen a poster for the film, created by Olly Moss for Fantastic Fest, but this is an image in a totally different direction. Boris Vallejo was famously the cover artist for fantasy and sci-fi paperbacks, and has done occasional movie poster work over the years. (The first two Vacation movies, and the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie, for example.) Now he’s back to sell Rubber, and his image would have made me wonder what the hell the movie is all about, and that’s probably exactly the point.

See the film poster after the break. Read More »

You’ve already seen a short teaser trailer for Quentin Dupieux’s killer tire movie Rubber but now that its April 1 release date is fast approaching, Magnet has released the real deal: a two-and-a-half minute glimpse at one of the most unique films to get a release in recent years.

Having experience this movie first hand, here’s my 2 cents on this trailer. It gives away a lot. You don’t know it’s doing so, it just looks like a bunch of really weird images edited together, but if any of those images stick in your head, they could hypothetically taint your enjoyment of this absolutely original, you-don’t-know-where-it’s-going film. Still, a lot of you don’t care about that sort of thing and if you don’t, you’re gonna love this trailer. Check it out after the jump. Read More »

One of the films that featured prominently on the 2010 festival circuit, but didn’t get a 2010 U.S. release, was Quentin Dupieux‘s art house thriller Rubber. Starring a rolling, silent, killer tire, the concept alone is enough to get you into the theater. Thankfully, Dupieux then delivers the goods: a surprising blend of horror and meta-dissection of movie watching itself. After playing Cannes, Fantastic Fest, AFI and others, Rubber is finally going to get a proper release. Magnet will release the film to Video On Demand on February 25 and then theatrically on April 1. Read more after the break. Read More »

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Yep, a killer tire. Yes, it seems like a joke, but is not. Rubber is a film written, shot and directed by Quentin Dupieux, and it will play as a special screening in the International Critic’s Week competition (La Semaine de la Critique) at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival later this month. Want to know more? How could you not? Actual footage after the break. Read More »