As Sylvester Stallone reigns supreme at the box office yet again, the sting of Scott Pilgrim‘s failure to resonate with the public only deepens. Strange how both films attempt to appeal to similar filmic influences, yet the divide amongst audiences has been so wide.

It’s possible that this is a result, however subconscious, of a contrasting appreciation for the way the films choose to define its men, with the reverence for the long-lost form of the burly ’80s action hero speaking more to people than the modern promotion of the geek hero. In this way, The Expendables and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World are on opposite sides of a cultural rift. Scott is a character whose manhood is not impugned by his scrawniness, awkwardness or geekiness, making him the sort of “badass” hero that could only exist in a post-Internet world. The characters in The Expendables, meanwhile, can essentially be seen as a plea to return to the male image as it was once celebrated, when masculinity was defined by muscles, scars, motorcycles, booze, tattoos and mindless acts of violence.

If this is indeed the case, and the box office can be deemed accurately representative of what constitutes a real man, the message audiences are trying to tell us here is simple: The men of today are gay; long live the six packs and mullets of yesterday. Read More »


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Piranha 3D – What Did You Think?

Piranha 3D

Director Alexander Aja gets tension. I thought his Hills Have Eyes remake was great and even High Tension, despite its ridiculous twist ending, had some decent scares (just watching the latter’s trailer still gives me chills).

Aja’s newest film, Piranha 3D, is out in theaters today, and promises to take 3D back to its gimmicky heyday. But the film’s release schedule has not been a smooth one and the 3D was an upconversion job. Does the movie deliver on some old school horror thrills? Hit the jump for some of my thoughts and let us know what you think in the comments section. As usual, assume spoilers follow after the break and in the comments.
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Paul Scheer’s Rules To Watching Piranha 3D

Piranha 3D is getting rave reviews from the few who have screened it this week. The film currently has 82% on Rotten Tomatoes with 28 reviews filed, and it seems like this is the movie people were hoping Snakes on a Plane and Grindhouse would’ve been. CHUD even said that ‘Piranha 3D could be the finest film of our time’, I kid you not. And is calling it “The Citizen Kane of killer piranha movies.” I hope to see it myself tonight.

Comedian/actor Paul Scheer, who is featured in the film, believes the movie should be watched as an interactive comedy experience like The Room or Rocky Horror, and has constructed a list of rules for anyone who watches the film. The list is kind of like a drinking game of sorts. Hit the jump to read them now.
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Piranha 3D

Piranha 3D isn’t being shown to critics, which might mean that the Weinstein Company knows the movie is terrible, or just that they don’t need critics. Why bother, when there’s a built-in audience ready to see boobs, blood and killer fish in 3D?

But even the lowliest movie has aspirations towards Oscar, and so we present For Your Consideration: Piranha 3D, in which ‘Hollywood treasure’ Jerry O’Connell leads a pack of actors (Adam Scott, Kelly Brook, Paul Scheer and more) in a campaign to win real award recognition for the film. Read More »

Piranha 3D

Last week, The Weinstein Company pulled a planned panel for Piranha 3D out of Hall H, because the Comic Con powers that be decided the footage TWC planned to show didn’t fit the event’s family-friendly guidelines. But man-eating fish aren’t to be held back, so there’s a new event scheduled to show off the film, which will take place Thursday night away from the convention center. Read More »


It’s been a while since our last movie poster round-up, so let’s get to it! In today’s edition we have new theatrical one-sheets for James Franco‘s Howl, an unrated NSFW poster for I Spit On Your Grave, the final poster for the 3D computer animated film Alpha and Omega, Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s directorial debut Jack Goes Boating, four character posters for the comic book adaptation of Red featuring Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis, the big screen documentary adaptation of the book Freakonomics, eight character posters for Zack Snyder’s 3D computer animated adaptation of Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, and an alternative poster for Piranha 3D, and six character poster for the big screen feature adaptation of Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse trailer Machete.

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When the Comic Con schedules started to be released prior to this past weekend, the Friday lineup included a panel for The Weinstein Company and Piranha 3D. But the listing has since been pulled from the schedule, leading suspicious onlookers to throw around a silly word: ‘banned.’

Turns out the situation isn’t as dire as all that. Read More »

It’s been a while since our last movie poster round-up, and a  lot of one-sheets have hit the local multiplex and are now online. After the jump you will see posters for the following films: Academy Award-nominated documentary director Nanette Burstein‘s fictional feature debut Going the Distance, Get Low starring Robert Duvall and Bill Murray, Winebago Man, The Dry Land, Radu Mihaileanu’s The Concert, an international one-sheet for Tron Legacy, Piranha 3D, an international poster for Disney’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The Extra Man, Easy A starring Emma Stone.

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