overboard remake

A remake of Overboard has always felt inevitable. The original 1987 romantic comedy, which stars Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, is an immediately recognizable title, and one that more than a few people gladly watch whenever it plays on cable for the billionth time. It’s an enjoyable enough romantic comedy that thrives on Russell and Hawn’s charisma. Hopefully, in the remake, Anna Faris (Observe and Report) and Eugenio Derbez (Instructions Not Included) are as charismatic of a pairing.

Below, learn more about the Overboard remake.

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Jennifer Lopez to Star in Overboard Remake

jennifer lopex overboard

The bad news is that Columbia Pictures is remaking the 1987 Gary Marshall film Overboard, produced by Will Smith. The even worse news is that Jennifer Lopez is in talks to star in said remake. I wouldn’t be surprised if Smith has a new take on the story which transplants the film in China. Oh wait, no, that was The Karate Kid (and that worked out great… oh, it didn’t?). And did I mention that the few people I talked to that attended the screening of The Back-up Plan at ShoWest all told me they decided to walk out after 30 minutes.

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